Vote for your favourite World Cup song

Vote for your favourite World Cup song

england world cup song 1970Depending on when you were born, you will have your own favourite World Cup song.
As we prepare to get excited for World Cup 2014 in Brazil I ask you this most important question…
Which is the best World Cup song of these 5?

A winner of the poll will be picked at random and receive a free month’s subscription to my selections service at VG TIPS. Be ready for my winning tips at the World Cup and also receive regular racing tips (5 winners on Saturday June 7th alone).

I begin with the latest effort.

1. As Dion Dublin was one of the nicest and funniest footballers I have ever interviewed on camera, here is his entry for the England World Cup song of 2014.

2. I have always had a soft spot for “Back Home.” I recall my class singing it on stage at school assembly 1970 (still the best World Cup).

3. Perhaps your favourite is World in Motion released for the 1990 competition. I certainly used that one in many an edited football package on TV and even once sang it for a few minutes in the company of Chris Waddle and a few other inebriated people.

4. Or, if you are Scottish and old enough to recall the hope of 1978, would you put “Ole Ola” at number one in this poll of the best ever World Cup songs? I’m not sure it was London born Rod Stewart’s finest hour! I’m embarrassed to confess I still have this one in my vinyl collection.

5. Younger England fans may still be singing another unofficial World Cup song. “Vindaloo” was Written by actor Keith Allen (father of singer Lily) the performers included Alex James and Damien Hirst – whoever they are!

I don’t include “Three Lions” as that was first released for Euro ’96 and not the World Cup two years later.

Vote for your favourite of the 5 via the opinion poll on the right hand side of this website.

And don’t forget to check VG TIPS for my World Cup features coming soon.


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