Wichita Lineman – AP’s greatest ride?

Wichita Lineman – AP’s greatest ride?

Racing fans have been debating, some even arguing, over which of Tony McCoy’s 4000 career wins has been the most breathtaking.

On which horse did AP perform his most astonishing miracle? Which of his wins do you look back on and shake your head in wonder? In my case, there are a few.

But many race watchers were in agreement that his 2009 William Hill Trophy ride on Wichita Lineman at Cheltenham was right up there. Lots of people think this was his best ride.

What say you?

The late, lovable Wichita Lineman made a few mistakes jumping. But AP kept him in there with a chance and, coming up that hill, the crowd roared with excitement as they realised McCoy could produce a ride to remember.

Watching it back the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention and I am left with a smile on my face.

This is a great sportsman in action. Enjoy it. We’ll not see his like again

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