The path to profitable punting

The path to profitable punting


I am often asked the following question.

“What do I need to be a profitable punter?”

My answer is always the same.

Be Patient.

And if you ever doubted I was right, then take a look below at the week by week results in the mad, but ultimately merry, month of June.

June weekly racing stats

Horse Racing weekly profit and loss


The road to profitable punting is rarely an even one. It can be rocky.

But it is those punters who stick with the plan who, come the end of the year, can look upon their annual profit and smile with satisfaction.

Those who bail out early – the impatient punter – will always struggle to be ahead of the bookmaker.


The path to profitable punting is a marathon, not a sprint.

Members joining my service in the second week of June must have wondered what on earth was going on. There was a deficit of £115 that week.


Royal Ascot saw me tip some great winners and profitable each way bets.

But in that week three the overall profit was a tiny one. That was because I also offered selections at lower class meetings away from Ascot. I hold my hands up. That was a mistake and not one I shall be repeating.

Had I only tipped at Ascot in week three, the profit would have been much larger.

I witnessed a few newer members cancel their recurring monthly payments. While I fully understand why they did so, and I empathise with them, this time it was they who were making a mistake.

Sky Lantern was available at 11-2 and 5-1 before winning for members

Sky Lantern was available at 11-2 and 5-1 before winning for members

In week four of June the total profit from just six days of punting was £206. 

On the last day of June I tipped 7 winners alone. 

So the patient members made a profit in June. The impatient few made a loss.

Tominator wins for members at odds of 8-1

Tominator wins for members at odds of 8-1

Life as a punter can be a roller coaster ride.

It is those who stay on board the longest who realise that the thrills outnumber the spills.

A former acquaintance of mine, Clement Freud, loved his horse racing.

He once said: “Do you mind losing more than you enjoy winning? If the answer is yes, then find another hobby.”

How do you answer that question? Tell me.

Silvery Moon, far right, wins for members at 10-1

Silvery Moon, far right, wins for members at 10-1

I have a message to those of you got cold feet when the going got tough in the middle of June.

I want you back!

Be wise. Be patient. Make your PayPal payment a recurring one, and don’t miss out.

At VG TIPS we have good months and less good months, in fact a profit has been returned for members every month in 2013. But we stay ahead of the bookie by ensuring the good months outnumber the ones that return less profit.

I say ‘sorry’ to those of you who dipped your toe in the water for a few days in the very week we made a loss.

But with my apologies I also have this message for you.

Do not give up on me so quickly. 

I have been at this business of profitable punting since 1998. There have been days when I have felt like quitting. But experience has taught me that a bad run of form is always followed by a good one.

Don’t take my word for it. What about Pricewise? Tom Segal in the Racing Post newspaper had no winners from 25 successive tips. But he bounced back with a double figure priced winner last weekend.

So proving that, when it comes to making betting pay, patience is a virtue.

I say this to those whose VG TIPS  membership expired in June. Please return to the fold and join other members who have been with me for years.

I judge my profitable punting results at the end of each year. Not on returns in only one week or one month.


So what do profitable punters need? PATIENCE!

When do they need it? NOW!



  1. Neil Harris 7 years ago


    I’m a National Hunt/Football/Cricket punter, and over the years my Flat racing punting has decreased to an all time low this season (I’ve had about 5 bets but it did include the winner of the Wokingham 🙂 )
    Consequentley I barely follow the form now, so if I have an evening/Saturday free I’m not betting because I’m not confident enough.
    I’ve never considered a tipping service before but since following this blog I’ve become slightly envious of the Winning posts!!
    What is the service you provide? How much does it cost, and what type of bet/odds does it cover? I like a big race e/w double and a saturday Yankee (including one short price to guarentee a win) Would you service be useful to myself?


    • Author
      Colin James 7 years ago

      Hi Neil,
      Have a look at the Join VG TIPS page, second from the right on the navigation bar – this will give you more information on the service provided to members. As you can see from this post and the Join VG TIPS page, we don’t make any extravagant claims of making you rich overnight, or try to hide the months when the profit isn’t as much as we would like it to be.
      The cost is £10 per month and this covers horse racing and football. As a member you get access to the selections as Vernon types them in the night before racing giving you the chance to take advantage of the ‘Early Price’ when available, and an email is also sent with the next days selection.
      Look forward to you hopefully joining us.

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