What the members say about VG Tips

What the members say about VG Tips

My mission, should you wish to accept it, is to help you become better at betting. I’d like you to become an annual profitable punter. Like me. You up for it? I am.

Punting can be a lonely business. Some days, a frustrating one. Some weeks you may want to give up. You feel as though the Gods are conspiring against you. They’re not. You just need a helping hand. Someone to show you the way. To lead you on the path to profitable punting. As I have done for those quoted below and for many more fellow punters.

Back in April I did what even I doubted I could do. Tip the winner of the Grand National at Aintree for the fourth consecutive year. When you consider that forty horses go to post for that ultra competitive race, that’s some achievement. Even more so when, in years past, the winning tips have included those at 50/1 and 40/1. Who will pat me on the back if I don’t. Well this member had a go.

Mathhew remarked:- “A huge thank you for all the effort and time you put into your tips and the service you offer. You’ve tipped 4 Grand National winners in a row, outstanding.”

Tiger Roll wins 2019 Grand National

Tiger Roll wins the Grand National for VG Tips. Again!

Studying form and offering betting tips for others who want to make a profit through betting on sport is a full time occupation.

It’s good, therefore, for me to know my loyal subscribers to VG Tips are out there. That they are sensible punters. Realistic people who don’t expect to have racing or football betting make them a millionaire. It’s possible that they have a day job but are mature enough to know they’ll not be telling the boss where to stick his or her job courtesy of backing winners. They don’t have the time to study racing and football fixtures. I do that for them.

7 winners and a further 8 profitable each way bets at the Cheltenham Festival in March was good. 10 winners at Royal Ascot 2019 was even better. Members were every happy.

Charles:- “Thank you for your diligence and tipping information which enabled me to have the best Ascot ever. Yours is the best service by far.”

Some members of VG Tips are retired from the working world. They love watching horse racing and/or football and they like to have a flutter on such sports. No harm there. Just so long as you know what you’re doing. My aim is to make sure they do.

The chances are that I will never meet them face to face. But, thanks to the world in which we punters now live, we can be in contact with each other via Social Media or e-mail. And we are.

Because VG Tips is a personal service. I stay in touch with my members. They are an integral part of everything I do. We are a collective. The only enemy is the bookie.


Good Vibes was a 22/1 winner for members of VG Tips

Over the years I have heard back from many of those who pay per month or per year to be part of my service which is about so much more than just tips.

Joe:- “You are great, Vernon – bless you sir!”

Some followers have been with me for decades. Others come and go. Carl has just returned to the fold, not for the first time. That’s fine. Life often gets in the way of betting. Or, if a punter is having a bad run of luck – as we all do from time to time – it’s wise to take a break and come back to betting on sport with a fresh pair of eyes and a clear, positive mind. Negativity and impatience are to be avoided.

For some onlookers, a punter is only as good as their last bet. A tipster only thought of highly after their latest winner. One minute you are a hero. The next, a fool. But the truth is that your success and mine should not be based on one day, week or month. Profitable punting is a marathon. Not a sprint for those who have read elsewhere that some so called ‘system’ or other will change your life overnight. It won’t.

Sean:- “Magnificent as always! What a legend you are!”

jamie spencer smiles after curragh 2000 guineas win

Jamie Spencer aboard 16/1 winning tip, Phoenix of Spain.

Like any other job, tipping and punting can be hard work. Since 1998 I have found that the harder I work the luckier I get. That’s because beating the bookie is not down to luck. Sure, it can from time to time play its part in the outcome of a race or football match. But, overall, making an annual profit through betting is about doing your homework. Deciding which horse will, on the balance of probabilities, return you profit. Which racing or football bet offers value in the betting market.

Brian:- “Running out of compliments for this service, never failed me since joining. Highly Recommended.”

I’ve spent years looking for value for fellow punters. Trying to spot a horse, football team or player the price about which is bigger than I believe it should be. Then I pass on V.A.T. to subscribers. That’s VALUE ADDED TIPS!

I could post here hundreds of praiseworthy messages from them. Feedback going back decades. But that would bore the pants off you and, anyway, hopefully these messages are representative. I believe they capture what VG Tips is all about.

Peter remarked:- Never followed a service but couldn’t recommend yours more. Year membership paid for already. Even at small stakes and have the figures to prove it. Top work. Your work is much appreciated.”

be a profitable punter. join vg tips betting tips service

You too can become a member of VG Tips by clicking on this link.

Be a monthly member for £22 (which you can cancel at any time). Join for one month only for £30. Or, if like me you want to be in this for the long term, sign up to VG Tips for one year for £199 (I guarantee you will have spent a worse £3.82 a week!)

Or, should you plan to be around as long as I do, then consider a one off lifetime membership payment of £500. There is is also a paypal button for that on the website.

Think about it. After two and a half years, you’re ahead of the game. Should I fall under a bus, or a horse, before 30 months have expired on your membership, you will be refunded any outstanding sum. I am not, however, planning to end my days under any vast moving vehicle. I’m dedicated to a lifetime of profitable punting. Are you?

The door to VG Tips membership is open once again.  I am ready to welcome you to the home of profitable punters. Vernon.

betting tips vernon grant vgtips

Simon:- “I personally would like to thank you for your tips and your service . What you do for members is great. I used to bet a lot and lose a lot but since joining you in October I have won several hundred pounds and actually enjoy betting again.”

Al said:-“Thanks for all the tips since I’ve joined. Your passion and advice is hugely appreciated and your commentary on the horses you’re backing and why you’re backing is amazing.”

Thomas:- “You always come up with the goods, Vernon… joining VG TIPS is the best money I’ve ever spent.

John:- “Thank you for your You Tube Video Course which has changed my whole betting Strategy.   I am a professional tipster on a different platform. But after taking your advice of not betting every day I do not give money to the bookies and I have made consistent profit.


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