What makes a good tipster?

What makes a good tipster?

There was a spot on tweet recently from one of my members. He posted the following opinion:-

A good tipster doesn’t promote bookies or sign up bonuses.

A good tipster doesn’t tip every day for the sake of it.

A good tipster doesn’t back horses in lower class races.

A good tipster makes more profit than losses… @betonsportstips can show you the way!

That was nice of someone called ‘The Pious.’ That member is right, of course. But being a good tipster and punter over a sustained period is about much more than that.

Allow me to first address those points, writes Vernon Grant.

1) “Hey guys, let’s work in a partnership!

Not a day goes by when I do not receive an e-mail from some stranger representing some mystery company or other. They say they are contacting me on behalf of a gaming/casino/bookmaking company who would like to place content on my website. Written articles that would include a link to the company they represent.

Recently I was even told that I didn’t need to trouble myself with writing the content as, and I quote, “we have students who can write the content for you.”

No thanks!

The familiarity these people display when e-mailing is at best cheeky, at worst very, very annoying. I don’t know them. I didn’t solicit their contact. I don’t want to work with them. Which part of “No” and “go away” do they not understand?

They tell me I could make ‘loadsofmoney’ by working with them. By allowing them to intrude on my website. In some cases, to hide their very presence on it. No way!

You see, I am only interested in serving my members with my thoughts, analysis and betting tips. I have no wish to encourage anyone to go forward to a website that encourages them to bet in an online casino. I have no wish or intention to profit from their losses. I know some websites do this. I don’t. I never will. It’s just not me.

finish to the 2019 derby

The tight finish to the Derby. Bet in quality races. Not the dross. 

2) 8 days a week

There are still people who think you should bet every day. Punters who just do not get why I do not offer tips every day.

Less can be more, especially when betting. There’s no shortage of sporting events you can bet on. Just look at any bookies website and see the countless opportunities they offer for you to give them your money.

They want you to bet every day. On anything. Don’t do it! Don’t get itchy fingers. Don’t allow impatience or boredom to lead you to bet on something you know little or nothing about.

As for the racing, there is no shortage of quantity. But there is far less quality. I concentrate on the better quality racing for good reason. Although as a tipster it is harder to pick a winner when almost every horse in a race is very good, it’s actually easier than finding the winner of a low class race which, if you staged the same race ten times, would likely deliver ten different winners.

Those low grade race meetings exist not for us, the punters. They are staged as benefit meetings for bookies. They hope impatient punters will place bets in the countless Class 6, Class 5, sellers or claiming races and some all weather track dross that litter the annual racing schedule. Perhaps, they hope, you’ll be tempted to have a dabble in the areas where they make big money. Casino betting.

I advise to NOT bet every day. Far from it. Be selective with those horses you choose to back. Ask yourself, on the balance of probabilities, does the horse have a good chance of returning you profit? Or, at the very least, returning your stake if betting each way.

Is the price right? By that I mean do the odds on offer for any sporting bet offer potential value. Were you pricing that event up, would the odds be larger or smaller? I work 8 days a week – or it can seem that way – for my members. But I bet far less often.

Value can mean different things to different punters. That is where personal choice comes into play. If the price on offer is not big enough for your liking, leave the bet alone. Even when you are reasonably confident the horse or football team will win.

messi scores v atletico madrid

3) Profit and Loss

First the bad news. If you are a punter you will, from time to time, lose. That’s the blunt truth. You’ll not read that on some other websites. The ones that promise a ‘system’ that will make you a millionaire overnight.

Any punter or tipster experiences losses. Of course they do. We’re only human. Losing hurts. Winning excites. Getting the right balance is most important. As one no longer with us famous punter once wrote:- “If you mind losing more than you enjoy winning, don’t bet.”

But research and doing your homework can lead to you making an additional annual income through betting on sports you enjoy watching. If you haven’t got the time to study form, watch past races, keep up to speed with developments in racing and football; allow me to do all that homework for you.

As existing members of VG Tips know, I base my success on twelve months of betting. Profit is not based on one day, week or month. At least not for me. One year of punting profit is what I care about. Finishing the year in front of the bookie, as I have done since 1998.

In the coming days I shall be writing about other aspects of punting. The way you must think if you want to be successful. How best to decide which fellow punters you should follow on social media. What to look out for when people like me offer betting tips. How best to measure success. All important if you are to follow me on the road to profitable punting.

In the meantime, you can join my long established, popular service as a monthly or annual member by clicking on this link. 

profitable punter vernon grant being paid out on a winning bet

Another winner! This time bookie Julie Williams is the victim. 


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