West Ham United and the Olympic Stadium Scandal

West Ham United and the Olympic Stadium Scandal
Gold, Brady & Sullivan

Gold, Brady & Sullivan

West Ham United are paying £15 million for the keys to the Olympic Stadium. But they’ve effectively got the ground for nothing.

The unholy trinity of David Sullivan, David Gold and Karren Brady are many things, most of which I cannot say here. But they are shrewd cookies.

The Olympic Stadium – an expensive folly in itself – was in danger of becoming another white elephant, like the Dome that was empty for so long. The government did not want a repetition of that bad publicity.

Fortunes were spent on the Olympic Stadium and many a long time local London resident was made homeless so that the now scruffy looking Olympic Park could be created. Too little concentration was placed on what would happen to the stadium once the Olympics were over.

London Mayor Boris Johnson bent over backwards to accommodate West Ham United FC. It is a disgraceful deal that is being paid for by the tax payer.

A BBC documentary airs on Monday April 11th. Reporter Dan Roan explores the deal that has ensured the Olympic Stadium will be the new home of West Ham United. And that Messrs Sullivan and Gold will become ever richer men. Here is that thirty minute documentary.

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  1. Troubled Joe 5 years ago

    There’s a lot of talk about whether West Ham could get into the CL next year. If they used the same logic as they did to pay for the stadium and got every club in the Premier league* to contribute a couple of league points I’m sure they could….

    *Sorry, did I say Premier League, I meant football league. And Semi professional league. And every pub team, works 5 a side team and school under 12s first 11. All should chip in for the good of West Ham, because London.

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