Well said Rafa!

Well said Rafa!
Rafa Benitez complains at the treatment he has received from Chelsea fans

“Someone called me interim manager. That was a mistake.” Rafa Benitez

Only the most belligerent Chelsea fans will argue with a word their interim manager has had to say about how he has been treated by some on the terraces.

Yes, Rafa Benitez has used Chelsea to put himself back in the spotlight with a view to him getting another high profile job elsewhere.

Yes, Chelsea and Liverpool were big rivals in the Champions League when Rafa took Liverpool to victory in the final.

But his club record speaks for itself. Fans in Valencia and Liverpool will only speak highly of the man as manager of their teams.

While I have not agreed with everything he has done in his professional career in the past, I do know that he is a good man and a good manager (with players who are willing to do things his way).

Chelsea football club has more leaks than any plumber could fix. Some players there are only too ready to leak stories aimed to harm the current manager. They go to one or two trusted reporters of my acquaintance and tell them tales out of school. Benitez is not the first manager they have done this to.

Those briefing against Rafa Benitez are in the wrong. He is a good man and, as he says, look at what he has won.

The players have skill. They have medals. They are paid more money than those who cheer them, and abuse their current manager, can dream of.

Those players lack class. Rafa doesn’t


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  1. Toby Austin 8 years ago

    Good article, first I’ve seen of the so called “rant”. Quietest I’ve ever seen. Didn’t raise his voice and behaved with class. Good manager, rubbish “fans”, most of whom are glory hunters and will be supporting someone else once the Russian money goes anyway.

    If you want a laugh, watch this video. It is funny…

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