VG TIPS meets Mark Halsey

VG TIPS meets Mark Halsey

halsey and joseWe football fans think we know better than referees. We can do that job, can’t we? We can do it better, surely?

That’s what we are so often guilty of thinking when we are sat or stood on the terraces.

I once made a comedy video called “The Referee’s a Wanker” (I somehow doubt it ever made it to DVD), but it was all in good fun.
That’s not always the case. The abuse refs now receive can be full of vitriol.

What is it really like to have thousands of eyes, and numerous cameras, following your every decision?

And where does the pressure come from? The fans or, shockingly, your bosses?

I didn’t realise that the organisation in charge of referees was packed full of so called “line managers.”

I tried to find a photograph of one of them via Google. There is no visual record of the man. Who on earth are these powerful men who dictate which referee takes charge of which match.

Why did they treat cancer survivor Mark Halsey in such a dismissive fashion?

Was it because the former ref was too friendly with some players and managers? Was Halsey wrong to accept match tickets and paid for hotel accommodation from the then Real Madrid manager, Jose Mourinho?

Here Halsey talks to me for 17 minutes about surviving cancer, but also about another battle he fought. The one with his former boss, and ex referee himself, Mike Riley.


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