VG TIPS 2016 – My service explained

VG TIPS 2016 – My service explained
Singlefarmpayment wins a big race at Cheltenham on New Years Day

Singlefarmpayment wins. 8/1 when tipped to members of VG TIPS. Photo: Racing UK


I ended 2015 with a winning bet on AP McCoy to be knighted. I began 2016 with an 8/1 winner.

Singlefarmpayment (photographed) and two each way punts on placed horses delivered profit for members of VG TIPS on New Year’s Day.

I’ve made the first significant changes to my service for many years. Loyal subscribers who have followed me a long time know what I am about. But there are always new people wanting to learn how to make an annual profit from betting on horse racing and football. People who want more than just a few tips.

A Personal Selection Service

My service has always offered racing and football analysis and tips, but has long been about much more than that. I’m not here for the experienced punter who can look after him or herself. I want to show others how to make an additional annual income from betting on horse racing and or football. And how to enjoy doing so.

I am not a high roller. I have never claimed to be. I bet only with sums I can afford to lose – so should you. When punting ceases to be an an enjoyable experience, you should quit.

In some years since 1998 I have made five figure profits, most years it has been a four figure profit, while at other times the profit has been only in the hundreds. But I have finished every year ahead of the bookie, in profit. And that’s all that matters to me.

Ideally you will also enjoy racing and football as spectator sports. That can only enhance your chances of making a profit when betting on horse and on the outcome of football matches.

Don’t expect punting to make you a millionaire, it won’t. And unless you’re very lucky, or bet with big sums, you will not be able to tell the boss to stuff the day job.

But you’ll learn what to do and what not to do as you go along. As I have done. All punters are always learning, all their lives.

Through my written analysis, and via video diary betting advice, I aim to guide you on the path to profitable punting.

Watch this 3 minute video which explains the options open to members of VG TIPS.


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