The Geoff Banks Christmas message. Part 1

The Geoff Banks Christmas message. Part 1


Happy Christmas to all punters!

Members of VG TIPS love to bash the bookie at this time of the year, as they have throughout the previous twelve months.

But not all bookies are the enemy. Well, at least not at this time of goodwill to all men.

As is the tradition at VG TIPS, here is the annual Christmas message from the outspoken independent bookmaker, Geoff Banks. This is part 1 of our chat in which we see him and his team at work, on course at both Newbury and Sandown.

Watch how he interacts with his customers. Here from him his New Year wish that racecourses would ensure that members at a course do not have to mingle with “plastic glass, beer swilling” types.

Geoff tells us who qualifies to be a so called “authorised betting partner” and discusses the sponsorship of races by bookmakers.

Part 1 of our conversation mainly looks back at 2015, including that day at Doncaster when the result of the St.Leger was reversed by stewards.

In part 2, coming to VG TIPS before New Year’s Eve, he will look forward and outline his plan for racing to improve its image in the world of sport.

I hope you find this Christmas message to be more entertaining than the one from Her Majesty.


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