Sunday Sermon – Punters of the world unite. United we stand, divided we fall

Sunday Sermon – Punters of the world unite. United we stand, divided we fall
Elvis the punter about to tell the bookie to 'Surrender'

Elvis the punter about to tell the bookie to ‘Surrender’

So often during my decades of punting, and especially since the advent of Twitter, I see those who love a bet fall out of love with each other. If they ever were fond of each other in the first place.

In this strange world in which we live, we do not actually know each other. Few fellow punters and tipsters actually go on to meet each other. Most contact is via social media. Years ago, when I began practicing this punting lark (and, believe me, we are all of us still practicing) I got to know the names, thoughts, comments and tips of others via the much missed Sports Live Radio service.

I still miss Nick Millard, curry fan andall round sage of Leeds, responding to idiotic comments sent in to the presenting team.

There they were, the lads and lassies of Sports Live locked away in a studio the size of a double wardrobe. They might have been shivering in a Yorkshire winter, or crying out for air con in the summer, but the service they offered was an excellent one. They too received e-mails from those who were blaming others for their own losing bet. Or calling each other names.

But Millard and his team will have known what I know. That by far the majority of punters are nice people.

They had far more positive than negative feedback at Sports Live Radio. Punters who had good things to say about the team and their “selections, not tips” (as Nick Millard was fond of saying.)

These past few days – since publishing my July 1st newsletter – I have received some lovely e-mails from members. I have posted the comments from two of them below. That gladdened my heart and reminded me that we punters should stick together. We are a threatened race. The bookies. The BHA. They are all trying to make life difficult for us punters.

I think that, more than ever, punters need to stick together.

I know of individual punters who, to the best of my judgement, are nice people and know what they are doing when it comes to betting. And yet I have seen some of them falling out with each other online. It can get abusive at times. They’re entitled to argue with each other. It’s a free country. But I do think it is wasted energy.

A tip. NEVER bet when drunk!

A tip. NEVER bet when drunk!

I have long said to members of my selection service (who pay just £1o a month for racing and football selections), that they should not simply follow me. I have told them there exist online a handful of profitable punters who they should also take note of. You should never put all your betting eggs in one basket.

When listening to Sports Live Radio in the late 1990’s I heard the names and tips of certain people who were clearly successful at tipping winners. Some of those people are now on Twitter and I’m happy to recommend them to members. I tell them that they should build up a handful of punters to follow and, when we all agree on the same tip; well, perhaps that’s the time to have a bigger bet than usual.

When we study race form we can all notice different things. I too have benefitted in the past from another punter spotting something I did not. And vice versa.

That’s what profitable punting should be about. Sharing. We’re all in this together. So stick together. Refrain from slagging each other off on the internet. There are far more important things in life to get angry about.

The bookie. That’s our real enemy. It’s he or she we should concentrate bashing. Not each other. Take their money. After all, rightfully speaking, it belongs to us!


Comments from members received July 4th 2015:

“I understand your philosophy in that you give us a variety of selections to bet on and it is entirely our decision on which we bet on or not, this is as clear a statement as you can say to members. In my years of using certain tipping services I have never found one who advises such bets, who is upfront and straight talking and provides the type of service to members as you do. I find it a breath of fresh air for someone to be as punter friendly as you, you also understand the general betting public and offer your service at a rate everyone can afford whether we have a winning month or losing month, this is why i joined your service. I for one am so grateful I found your service and wish to continue for many years and form a great bond and friendship with you, thank you once again and lets bash the bookies together all of us.” – I.R.


“I fully understand that racing is crap in the early parts of the week and I think it’s great that you can be honest enough and clever enough to offer less selections because of this. That’s what sets you apart from others in my opinion. This first year of punting for me as you know has been a breath of fresh air and and, thanks to you, a profitable one so far. I just wanted you to know that there are members that care not just for winners or profit, but for the journey and who you take that journey with. I trust in you mate and enjoy every step of the way.” – Chester


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