Stop Fred doing the conga – win the Scoop 6!

Stop Fred doing the conga – win the Scoop 6!

Fred Done, Mr.BetFred and Mr.Tote, has been doing very nicely of late.

That is because the Scoop 6 has been rolling over and over.

Now someone could win around £10 million pounds this Saturday by correctly selecting the winning horses in 6 races.

It could be you!

Or it could be a syndicate. Heaven knows enough of those have started up ever since this particular Scoop 6 began mounting up.

I agree with Fred Done that I hope is in the punter in the street who wins big this weekend. Better still if a few individual punters share the jackpot.

I’ll be having 5 goes with a £2 stake. I shall risk £10 to try and win £10 million. And why not?

If nothing else, like his team Manchester United did this season, it would wipe that smug smile from the face of Fred.


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