Sport on TV. Brian Clough the new manager of Leeds United. 7 weeks later...

Sport on TV. Brian Clough the new manager of Leeds United. 7 weeks later…

His reign as manager of Leeds United lasted 44 days. The Yorkshire Television programme you can watch below which welcomed Brian Clough to Elland Road lasted only 30 minutes.

Austin Mitchell, who went on to become a Labour MP, was a reporter and presenter for the YTV regional news programme, ‘Calendar.’

In this first video, he grills Clough who had just taken the job. The former Derby boss also faces a panel of local journalists, including his very good friend from his days at in the Midlands, the late John Sadler (those were the days, when you were allowed to smoke in a TV studio!).

Clough was appointed the new Leeds manager in July of 1974 amid an undercurrent of resentment.

Leeds midfielder Johnny Giles thought he was getting the job. The Leeds United players despised Clough for comments he had made about how they played football. In that regard, they were not alone. I recall ex Liverpool defender Phil Thompson telling me the Anfield dressing room also disliked Clough.

44 days later, Clough was gone. Sacked by Leeds Chairman, Manny Cussins.

I cannot overplay what a massive footballing story this was, especially in Yorkshire. What every newspaperman and television producer wanted was to get Revie and Clough together. Each man had been critical of the other.

The TV studio confrontation was the idea of the two men who, a few years later, employed me as sports researcher at Yorkshire Television. John Wilford and John Meade, along with colleagues Kevin Sim and director Nick Gray, delivered this memorable piece of television, an event later portrayed in the film ‘Dammed United’ starring Michael Sheen.

I bumped into John Wilford last year and he told me the two men had to be paid the same four figure sum of money, in cash, before they agreed to appear in the same studio.

It was worth every penny. It is a shame that ITV appear to have recently removed Parts 1 & 2 from access on YouTube. Here is part 3, in which Clough calls Revie “a cold man.”


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