So what’s your problem with betting?

So what’s your problem with betting?

What is it? The problem you are having with betting on sport. Is the bookie beating you more across one year than you are beating them?

Are you finding it difficult to place the right bet, or even any bet?

Have you grown weary of losing more than you enjoy winning?

Let me try to help you become a better bettor. A more confident punter.

It’s not easy. I know that. I empathise with any of you reading this who have had a bad day, week or even month of betting on football or horse racing. That can happen to the best of us.

Until the 14/1 winning NAP of the Mill Reef Stakes, Wings of War, and the 10/1 winning tip for the Ayr Gold Cup, Bielsa; September had been a testing month of punting. I could understand anyone who lost faith and withdrew from betting. But fortune favours the bold, the patient and persistent.

If it’s all getting too much for you, then you do right to walk away from betting for a while. Refresh your mind, regroup and come back ready to beat the bookie. It can be done. YOU can do it.


Are you betting too often? If so, then don’t. It’s a common mistake punters make. The one bookies so want you to make.

Another common error is chasing any losses. Don’t do it.

Join VG Tips and I will tell you what not to do. To warn you about the tricks the big bookies play on punters and suggest how best to avoid them. I advise when to bet and, crucially, when not to.

In private some bookmaker representatives still joke about so called ‘mug punters.’ Don’t be one of those people. Learn how to wipe the smile off the face of the bookie. I’ll show you how.

Strategic betting based on research and form study is the best approach. Targeting your betting at potential value is a better way to bet. When it comes to betting on sport, less is more.

Knowledge is power and the more you know about a horse, a football team, a jockey, a footballer etc, the greater the chance of you winning on a bet.

The big online bookies do price up some races and football games incorrectly, in the favour of the punter. The best do so less often than they used to, but it remains the case that their concentration is more often placed on the big events. Traders know most about the Premier League (or think they do). They know less about the ability of football teams and players in the lower leagues.

The young ones working at the big online bookmakers have become too obsessed with football stats such as ‘expected goals’ or ‘expected chances.’ I’m all for undertaking plenty of form study. It is what I’ve been doing for decades. Stats can be the friend of a punter. But you can take it too far and every week now I hear young men who weren’t born when I began offering betting tips, talking about nothing but expected this and expected that. I’m more interested in actual this and actual that.



punters cheering at the curragh

I can help you enjoy betting on football and horse racing. Guide you on the path to profitable punting. Solve some of those issues that make you despair. You have to meet me halfway. By that I mean you have to possess the right mindset. For you to end each year in front of the bookie, your glass should be half full and not half empty. You must own a positive, optimitistic outlook, through good betting days and bad. Never look back at losses or dwell too long on what might have been.

Since 1998 I’ve learned plenty about how to best bet on sport. All I want to do now is pass on the benefit of my experiences. I don’t want any punter to lose sleep over betting. If that’s you, then stop. Now.

It takes time to succeed at betting and patience really is the best friend of a would be profitable punter. I have been there and done it.

If you are serious about betting, but find it problematic, allow me to help you solve those problems. As I hope and believe I have for subscribers to VG Tips. Some of them have been with me for several years. So I must be doing something right.

You can be a member of VG Tips for one month, every month or for one year. Click on this link to see the payment options. It just might be the best bet you’ve placed this year.

Vernon Grant
the profitable punter


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