Roberto Mancini sacked

Roberto Mancini sacked
roberto mancini sacked as manager of man city

Mancini found wanting

A year to the day since they won the Premier League title, Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has been sacked.

The club won nothing this season and the players looked like they couldn’t be bothered to make a serious effort to win the FA Cup final, Mancini’s final game in charge.

Malaga boss Manuel Pellegrini is the bookies favourite to take charge though, as of Monday, he said he had not agreed anything with those who run Man City.

Former manager Mark Hughes would love to go back there. He told a mutual friend at the weekend that he feels he has “unfinished business at City.”

So who will become the new manager?

Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of PSG, is being chased to become the latest manager of Real Madrid – once Jose Mourinho has left Spain for England. But either of those two men would be good choices. Rafa Benitez will also be available shortly.

Experience is what is required. Someone who can lay down the law to the egos that currently rule the roost at the club.

Manuel Pellegrini has the seniority. Whether he has the strength to handle the current playing squad is debatable. But then he would likely seek to make big changes on the playing front. Some of those ‘big time charlies’ need to be shown the door.

Their dismal display in the FA Cup final against Wigan gave every impression that they knew their manager was a dead man walking.

I think Mancini has largely carried himself off well in English football. But I do believe that he has achieved too little considering the talent he had at his disposal. He clearly has not had some of the most expensive player purchases on his side for some time.

Last season they won the Premier League title. But they only did so on the last day of the season and in the last minute. To win the title so late in the day, and only goal difference, despite the embarrassment of riches available to the manager, was not overly impressive.

Mancini has been let down by several of those who played under him. But he was also found wanting tactically.

pellegrini to be named new manager of manchester city

Manuel Pellegrini

If Pellegrini does take the job he is unlikely to be seen wearing a City scarf on the touchline. He’s classier than that. A dignified man who knows what it is like to be treated in a shabby manner. 

Chilean by birth, Pellegrini has a good record in Spanish football, first at Villareal and latterly at Malaga. He is very much respected in Spain.

Pellegrini wasn’t fully appreciated at Real Madrid, but then he is far from alone in that regard. The way he was treated by those who run Real Madrid was disgraceful. Players were sold without his knowledge while the club spent the entire year of his tenure courting Jose Mourinho.

He went south and has performed wonders at Malaga. Despite having to watch his best player Santi Cazorla sold relatively cheaply to Arsenal.

I am not convinced Pellegrini will be suited to the hurly burly of Premier League football, but I would be delighted to see him ply his trade in England. He would like build a squad made up of players from Britain and Spain.

Do not rule out a return to England for Cesç Fabregas – a player who has just enjoyed winning La Liga with Barcelona. After all, as Pellegrini put it when making changes at Malaga, he wanted players “with human qualities as well as footballing ones.”

I respect the man and the way he goes about his business.

But he faces a big challenge. Impatient owners, supporters who now they’ve had a taste of winning a title expect more, and a squad consisting of too many lazy, arrogant mercenaries.

As Gary Neville has stated tonight, whoever the new manager of Manchester City is, he “probably should rent rather than buy” a new home.


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