Richard Hughes quits Twitter following abuse

Richard Hughes quits Twitter following abuse

We live in a very sad world awash with some very sad people.

Folk who can just about dress themselves. People who think they can be the best footballer, football commentator, manager or jockey in the world. If only they could break free from the ‘Billy Liar’ like mind numbing office job they have. The one that pays so poorly. The job they hate. They live only for the weekend, a few pints, a kebab and a bet.

And when they bet on the wrong horse, they blame the jockey. Sometimes they blame the same jockey all the time (which begs the question: why bet on anything he/she rides?) They will accuse said jockey of being bent (in a corrupt sense). These mentally challenged individuals will even say that they could have “won the race from there” or “scored that goal” with ease.

Champion flat jockey Richard Hughes got into the whole Twitter thing thanks to his friend Tony McCoy. Both men used Twitter well and I enjoyed seeing tweets from ‘Hughesie.’ The man was refreshingly honest and candid about the sport he loves.

Now he has left Twitter. I haven’t seen the abuse he received of late. He has taken down the account so I cannot see the poison dumb and dumber and their mates in planet social media aimed at Hughes. It’s probably best I cannot read said insults.

It’s a bad day for the world of communication when the actions of some small minded, loud mouthed, ignorant people sat in their bedrooms deprive the majority of reading interesting tweets from a professional who can educate and entertain us.

I am sorry to see Richard leave Twitter. In this interview recorded at his home at the end of 2012 he talked to me about his then use of Twitter, and about much more. Some of you may not have seen it.

At 22 minutes and 22 seconds he talks about Twitter. I ask him how on earth jockeys switch off from the abuse aimed in their direction by, as ‘Hughesie’ described them, “the eejits.”

Those who insulted one of the finest jockeys of this or any other generation need not watch. In fact, please don’t!


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