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Fed-up of so-called betting ‘systems’ and loosing to the bookie?

No time to study the form?

I’m Vernon Grant, and I tipped Rule the World to win the 2016 Grand National.

After nearly 20 years of winning on the horses, I can show you the way to profitable betting online.

Because I do the research and I study the form…
so that you don’t have to.


Perhaps you’ve already considered signing-up for a betting tips service before…

Maybe you already have and it didn’t work out for you…

Don’t like the idea of paying for tips? Does it feel like throwing good money after bad?

And yet, despite all this, you KNOW that a change in your betting strategy could be the key to profitable punting.

You can win
at the races
even if…

* you’re fed-up with so-called ‘systems’

* you never win the sweepstake at work

* you’ve never been to the track in your life

* you don’t even watch the racing on TV

* you don’t have the patience to study the form

* you don’t have the time to do the research

* you prefer to bet with pennies not pounds

* you’ve no idea how to even place a bet

The secret is… there is no secret.

I don’t use a ‘system’ to get my results, just good old fashioned research and endless studying of the form. And with not only my my tips but also my step-by-step guidance you’ll be able to:

BET LESS – when there’s nothing worth betting on, I’ll let you know. No betting for the sake of it.

WIN MORE– you’ll know when to be patient. Wait for the right bet.

 MAKE A PROFIT – change your betting strategy so that, more often than not, over 365 days, you’ll beat the bookie.

I'm Vernon Grant

HeadshotGreen-circleFollow me and you will enjoy profitable returns year after year via VG Tips.

After 25 years as a Sports TV producer for BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4, I turned what had long been a hobby into a profitable occupation.

Sports betting has provided me with an annual income each year since 1998 and allowed me only six years later to buy my first home in sunny Spain.

How do I do it? Here’s the deal.

I’m a non believer in so called ‘systems’. I don’t put my faith in alleged inside info, and I don’t think you should either. I prefer to stand or fall by my own judgement.

What I do believe in is research.

At school I never did my homework. Since studying the form of thoroughbred racehorses, and football teams, I’ve done little else. And it takes time to study form, watch past races, research the progress of horses and football teams.

Now I do the homework… so that you don’t have to.

My mission is to HELP YOU WIN and start to enjoy betting on sport.

What the punters say

    What the Bookies say

    • "Vernon started with a bank of just £20 with me and has been a royal pain ever since to my horse race traders! That he doesn’t bet daily is a blessing. With punters like Vern, I need to find another job."  
      Geoff BanksGeoff BanksBookmaker

    Bet less. Win more. And make a profit…

    Sign-up for VG Tips, with me, Vernon Grant, and you will get not just tips, but advice based on in depth research and knowledge of the sport.

    I study the form… so that you don’t have to.


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