Racing Betting Tips Tuesday January 16th

Racing Betting Tips Tuesday January 16th

Well I enjoyed that first Monday of the flat season proper. 5 winners.

I only wish I had suggested a “3 before 3” treble now. As three of the winners had returned profit before 3pm.

They were always three of the more likely to win today and I did consider making Anticipated (11-8), Pigeon Pie (7-2) and Scargill (9-4) my three favourite bets of the day. But I tried to find selections at better potential prices. Concious that many want a best bet at bigger odds than 9-4 and 11-8, I stuck my neck out for those at bigger odds. But I won’t be doing that again.

In future the three favourite tips (on days when there are three that qualify) will simply be that. The three I class as most likely to win. If one or more of those is odds on, so be it. Any tipster can be criticised for tipping up favourites as the best bets or Naps but, to my mind, any profit is good profit.

I always look for value in the betting market (see the exclusive video diaries for you in the members enclosure) and Pigeon Pie, Anticipated and Scargill were value bets on the day. So, arguably, was Indian Chief, even at 4-6.

Different members like to bet different ways, and I try to cater for all tastes.

And Stuccudor was our last winner of the day, available at odds of 4-1 last night and first thing this morning.

Tuesday’s racing is not, sadly, as good looking as Monday’s. And, annoyingly, most of it is jumps racing. Call me old fashioned (I’d be flattered) but I happen to believe we should have jumps racing in the jumps season, and flat racing in the flats season

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