Punters of the world unite. The only 'enemy' is the bookie

Punters of the world unite against the enemy – the bookie

When you work as hard as I do at making an annual profit from betting – and helping others to do the same – it’s always nice to hear back from people that I am not wasting my time. That my efforts are appreciated. Not only when members have backed 40/1 and 50/1 winners of the Grand National, but also from those who are quitting as members of VG Tips, for personal reasons. It happens. Life gets in the way.

Or, as Basil Fawlty said when asked if he liked a bet: “That particular avenue of pleasure was closed off.”

Not for me. I have been doing this for twenty years now and if I have learned one thing it is that there are many more good people out there, positive minded punters, than there are doom-mongers.

Over the years I have received some very kind and positive messages from my loyal and lovely members. Here are a few.



I just wanted to let you know I have really enjoyed your service.

You are one of the very few tipsters who are genuine and it is obvious that you are passionate and care.

I have seen some very nice winners tipped by you and I have enjoyed reading your analysis of each pick.

It has been refreshing to find a real person, who is a quality tipster and cares about their customers and the industry.

Please keep up the great work. You deserve the success you enjoy.

I wish you every success for the future.

Kind regards,

Withhold won the Cesarewitch for members

In mid October, after I had tipped the winners of both the Dewhurst Stakes and the Cesarewitch, I was inundated with social media praise from members who joined me in backing Withhold and U S Navy Flag at much bigger prices than the SP. That’s the advantage of receiving my analysis and tips the day before racing. We can all take the early price. October 13th and 14th proved to be very profitable days of punting, with Laurens winning for members at odds of 11/1 the day before those feature race successes at Newmarket.

Andy tweeted me to say:  “What a fantastic day! Great tipping on the Cesarewitch and Dewhurst today. I was on them.”


Back in September I was laughing myself silly when my double figure price tip to members, Laugh A Minute, won at Doncaster racecourse.

David reacted to that win on Twitter: “Laugh a minute. 16/1. What a comeback from almost last out of stalls.”

August was a particularly profitable month of punting for my loyal members. Mattmu was a 25/1 winning tip for the Great St Wilfrid Handicap at Ripon. I love a 25/1 winner!

Brian is a member who is never shy to tweet his success when following my tips. On Twitter he said: “Best service out there – highly recommend. Plenty of booms! Absolutely amazes me how you do it, excellent stuff, love following your service, quality all round.”

In May, Charles messaged me via the website to say: “Thank you Vernon. I backed both your double selections today in reverse forecasts . Very happy + £200 for £1 each. I haven’t backed all your winners or placed horses but so far you have been nothing but consistent.”

August through to October proved to be very profitable months. Everyone was happy.

November, so far at least, is proving more difficult. But that’s to be expected. The early part of the new jumps season always offers up more questions than answers and I encourage subscribers to watch some races purely with an eye to the future and the Cheltenham Festival next March.

Having said that, 5 of the 6 races I analysed on November 12th produced winners for VG Tips members (the other one came second). Proof that, even on great days, you can’t win them all!

  Thundering Home thundered from last to first to win for VG Tips members

As I have said for many years to those prepared to listen, we all have good days and bad days. All punters and/or tipsters enjoy months when they seemingly cannot back a loser. People think we can walk on water. We can’t. Along come the weeks when we are unlucky in running, or simply call it wrong. We’re told we are useless and should look for what some call “a proper job.”

But beating the bookie each year is a proper job. They don’t make it any easier. Year on year the big online bookies move the goalposts. They make the playing field ever more uneven, in their favour. But a determined, passionate, long serving and ultimately successful band of us keep going and prevail at the end of each year.

Sadly, the doubters, the moaners, the “you couldn’t pick your nose correctly” brigade will always exist. They think they could do a better job of making an annual income from betting. To which I say: Well go on then! Quit your regular work that comes with some level of job security, sickness pay and holidays. Spend your every waking hour studying the form of footballers, football teams, thoroughbred racehorses, trainers, jockeys etc. Then be prepared to put your head on the line and back your tips not only with your own money, but pass on those tips to others. Try it. See how you get on.

There are good people out there who offer their racing or football tips for free on Twitter, as I did for many years when I was learning my trade. I have named the more reliable ones before. Happily, I do so again here. They offer their opinions and/or betting selections on Twitter for all to see. Like me, they’ve been betting with success for many years. On Twitter they include:- @Kris1179 @jocknjude @yorkycourses and @atta4lov – to name but four. Follow them on Twitter.

None of us get it right every time on every day. That’s mission impossible. But long term profitable punters tend to stick to what they know and do best. Look out for when all or most of us agree about the chances of a certain selection. It’s just possible that we’ll all be right. If you want to be a punter, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, including mine. Follow tips via a few who are proven over a period of years, including me. But not solely me. Get to know who you like and trust. Trust is all important, as Neil proved in his heartening e-mail to me.

Vernon grant tipped rule the world to win the grand national at 50/1

Rule the World triumphs in the Crabbies Grand National. A 50/1 tip to members of VG Tips

But, I hear some still ask, who am I to offer betting tips? Well my success did not happen overnight. Some, especially I sense the young, expect betting to somehow make them millionaires overnight. It won’t. That much I do guarantee my members. My first bet was placed at the age of nine. When your Dad went into the bookies for the Grand National only (and children had to stand outside pubs with a glass of coca cola and a packet of cheese and onion crisps!)

Honey End, probably chosen because of my love for Paddington Bear, finished second in the most infamous Grand National of them all. The so called Foinavon Grand National of 1967. One elder brother backed the 100/1 winner with a £1 each way.

I began earning my own wage in 1975 and backed horses for the big races – especially the Oaks, the 2000 and 1000 Guineas, the Derby – with small sums. That remained the case throughout the 80’s. I put myself to the test. Either choosing horses but not betting on them or, later, backing them with 50p or £1 each way, I tested myself. In the early 90’s I upped my stakes and the amount of time I spent studying form. I learned which jockeys and trainers did best for me. I took on board at which racecourses I seemed to enjoy most success. Only when I was confident that I could make an additional annual income through betting with stakes high rollers would look upon as loose change; only then did I make a life changing decision.

Several years ago I built VG Tips in to something that is about much more than tips.

profitable punter vernon grant being paid out on a winning bet

This time the respected independent bookie Julie Williams hands over my winnings

I turned my back on job security and a financial offer from Sky Sports that would have seen me very well paid for doing a job I could do with my eyes closed. I’d have been sorted, probably until retirement.

I had produced for Sky Sports, for a different boss, for four years on a freelance basis. I did the job too well. It led to a different boss, a less than desirable character, offering me a permanent staff job. But let’s just say he was not someone I wanted to work for. The young ones had to put up with his dubious man management technique. I didn’t.

After many years betting with success, I chose to go it alone. I could have earned more per year from Rupert Murdoch for half the effort I now put into VG Tips. But I wanted to be my own boss. To stand or fall by my own success. My father was born into an equine background. Horses had long been at the centre of his family and that of his father and grandfather before him. In 1997 I asked my uncle why I was enjoying such success as a punter: “Simple” he replied “it’s in your Irish blood.”

When the internet took off I vowed to guide others on the path to profitable punting. But, crucially, I wanted to offer them more. For example, first sight of my on camera interviews with names from the world of sport. Interviews I could acquire because of my experience in broadcast television. From 1980 I had worked for all the major UK broadcasters. My contacts book is full of sports stars going back to the mid 70’s, when I worked in Fleet Street.

VG Tip offers monthly or annual members a ‘cut above’ service. You can pay £20 a month as a recurring member, £30 for a one off month of tips or, the best value of the lot sign up for one year for just £199. 12 months of my selection service that will include all the feature race meetings, the English and European football season AND World Cup 2018.

  1. Racing analysis and tips for the best 100 days of racing per year. Not the dross that is staged for the benefit of the bookies. The best racing in the UK and Ireland. Thorough analysis of specific races – those in which I believe there is value in the betting market.
  2. Regular football analysis and tips for all the English leagues, the FA Cup, the Champions League and the World Cup in Russia in 2018.
  3. First sight of exclusive on camera interviews I conduct with the likes of Paul Nicholls, Richard Hughes, Mick Channon and more names from the world of racing and football.
  4. Ante post analysis and tips (where applicable) for the feature race meetings that are weeks or months ahead. This service provided members who were around at the time with my then 40/1 each way tip for One For Arthur in the Grand National at Aintree. The horse won the race weeks later at an SP price of only 14/1.
  5. Access to the VG Tips members’ enclosure along with exclusive offers. Tips also e-mailed to you via Mail Chimp.
  6. Video Diaries reviewing recent results and previewing upcoming meetings or question and answer videos that seek to answer questions I receive from members of VG Tips.
  7. Advance warning of any ante-post racing or football bets I fancy at a good price.
  8. Coming soon, a short, sharp video course for non members on how to bet better but a more detailed series of films for members only that teach you how you too can be a profitable punter each and every year.
Vernon filming Ian McMillan

             Filming interviews for VG Tips


VG Tips members understand and appreciate the all encompassing service I have long offered explained via this brief video Members read my analysis (hurrah!) that has taken me hours to research and write. Then they make up their own mind, based on how confident I sound, as to whether they too will back a particular horse or football team.

Many of my long term members have their own ideas. They might pinch a couple of football teams I have suggested would win, and merge them with others they think will do the same. They might build their own accumulator, rather than simply back mine. Good for them. Over the years I’ve had members who have opposed my racing selection. They’ve even won once in a while and are quick to tell me so. What’s my response when their chosen horse beats mine? I am happy for them and make a point of saying “well done.”

vicente jumps to victory at ayr

Vicente. Winner of the Scottish Grand National for members of VG Tips.

You see, it really doesn’t matter if you charge for tips or offer them free. It doesn’t matter if you are Tom Segal or Paul Kealy of the Racing Post, Chelsea fan @Kris1179, or little old me; we are all in this together. Or at least we should be. All that matters is that we deprive the bookies of money. That we retain as much of our own as possible. That we end the year ahead of the bookie. I do. So can you.

Punters of the world unite. Our only ‘enemy’ is the bookmaker.

I don’t force anyone to join VG Tips. I don’t twist arms behind backs. I don’t insist members back with their own hard earned money any horse or football team I back with my own. It’s up to them. Betting is all about personal responsibility.

As one famous gambler, now passed on to that great racecourse in the sky, said: “If you mind losing more than you enjoy winning, don’t bet.”

Wise words.

I particularly enjoyed tipping the winner of the English Grand National for the second successive year. One for Arthur as my 40/1 ANTE-POST tip to members weeks before the race took place at Aintree in 2017 (as photographed below). Can I pick the National winner for the third year running? Time will tell.

In the meantime, you can download my FREE E-Book guide to being a fellow profitable punter via this link.

Come and join the VG Tips party. I look forward to welcoming you. No need to bring a bottle. Just a positive, glass half full, can do attitude.


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