Profligacy and panic alive and well on transfer deadline day

Profligacy and panic alive and well on transfer deadline day
manchester united sign fellaini on transfer deadline day

27 million pounds for Marouane Fellaini. You’re having a laugh!

Hands up those of you who care about the last hours of the transfer deadline. That’s quite a show of hands. I am amazed many of you still do.

I cannot be alone in going to bed last night not caring which club signed which player. Perhaps it comes with middle age, but this lifelong follower of footballer has, like many from another era, grown weary of how football conducts itself. Especially in the Premier League.

Any sales rep or prudent MD of a company knows that to leave your buying until the 11th hour is guaranteed to result in you paying a high price. So how come the Chief Executives of football clubs don’t know that?


What other business would spend so much money so late in the day? When the seller has you by the balls.

I have no interest in spotlighting the failings of one particular club. Some signings made yesterday bordered on the insane. Panic buys and profligacy won the day.

It's Özil not Ozil

It’s Özil not Ozil

I do worry about clubs who cannot get the little things right.

I think a photograph posted this morning by journalist Tony Paley sums up the haste with which Arsenal are seeking to recoup some of the 42 million pounds they have spent on Mesut Özil.

It seems Paley junior rushed to the Emirates Stadium to be among the first to buy an Arsenal shirt with the name of the German midfielder emblazoned on the back.

Pity then that Arsenal could not be bothered to spell his name correctly.


Perhaps nobody at the factory knew how to get their hands on an umlaut. Maybe they misunderstood it for an omelette!

Now the printing of Ozil and not Özil will be a minor detail to many. But surely if you’re spending that much money, you get the name right.

To my mind it is a mistake to be expected in little England. After all, in the minds of many, the world does not exist outside the British Isles. The idea that there is a country where they play football to a higher technical standard falls on many a deaf ear in England.

Özil has left the country where they play the best football right now. That’s Spain. He’s gone to the land where, on a good day, the most exciting football can be watched.

I confess that I have no idea how anyone earning an average wage can afford to take their offspring to a football match in England. Or buy their little one a club shirt. I have items of clothing in my wardrobe that have been worn for more years than some of these here today, gone tomorrow footballers have had facial hair.

True, I am not a fashionista. But I believe in value for money. In the majority of cases buying a replica football shirt is a short term investment. They are usually made of cheap material and the only question is whether the shirt will last longer than the player.


We all know that transfer fees are a bad joke. If Gareth Bale is worth 100 million Euros, what price the greatest player of this age, one Lionel Messi?

Özil is suited to the Arsenal way of playing football. He fits the club perfectly. But 40 million quid is, even in this day and age, 20 million too much. Real Madrid fans are jubilant the club got so much for him.

But then if Everton are willing to pay 13 or 14 million for Wigan player James McCarthy, then Özil is worth every penny of the 40 million Arsenal splashed out.

Did I just write that? I don’t believe it!

Manchester United panicked. Manager David Moyes has signed his former Everton striker Marouane Fellaini for somewhere around 27 million pounds. He was not the first choice and, ironically, they could have got him for a few million less earlier in the transfer window.

Late in the day United lost out on other intended purchases that would have made a significant difference to their chances of success this season.

Why did so many clubs leave it so late?

It is pointless to try and rationalise the irrational spending of football clubs. It is a waste of our time on this earth.


Football at the highest level has gone to hell in the proverbial handcart and deserves all it gets when the day of reckoning dawns.

And dawn it shall.


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