Phil Jones hits back at Stuart Pearce

Phil Jones hits back at Stuart Pearce
Phil Jones

Phil Jones

Manchester United and England defender Phil Jones could keep silent n longer. Having demanded from the FA a written apology from their former Under 21 coach Staurt Pearce, the player has now spoken out about the allegations made against him by Pearce.

After a dismal Under 21 campaign, Pearce was fired and has said that Jones was just one player who was “apathetic” about playing for the Under 21 side once they had experienced playing for the senior side (see here for what Stuart Pearce said ).

But Jones is having none of it.

He says: “How he can come out and say I didn’t want to play for the U21s is beyond me. It is simply not true. It is an honour to represent your country at any level.”

“I didn’t expect it and I am disappointed. I have represented the U19s, the U21s and the seniors. I said from the first day I pulled on an England shirt, it sent shivers down my spine.

“How he say I didn’t want to play for the U21s is beyond me. It wasn’t nice to read what he said and I am sure Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is thinking the same thing.

“Roy Hodgson came out prior to the Under-21 tournament and said he regarded me as a senior player. I went on to play against Ireland and Brazil, so it wasn’t a waste of time going with the seniors.

“If I had been on the bench I could have seen where he (Pearce) was coming from, but I got a lot of experience from those two games.

“Don’t forget I had also just come back from a knee injury, for the second time, and I had to manage it in the right way, control it, and make sure I wasn’t overusing it.

“That’s why I am really disappointed in these comments. People are entitled to their opinions and I will just get on with my football and ignore it. It has not dampened my enthusiasm for England.”


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