‘Pep’ talk from former member wins me £140

‘Pep’ talk from former member wins me £140
Pep Guardiola joins Bayern Munich

Pep Guardiola Photo: AP/Angel Fernandez

I am always happy to report back on individual tips I spot via other punters and contacts. Tips that pay off.

James Darby knows his European football and is a man worth following on that front.

A few weeks ago I saw him ask bookies for a quote on Pep Guardiola to become the new manager of Bayern Munich.

My eyes opened wide. I know my Spanish football well and I know people who know Guardiola.

I made some calls and the logic expressed by James was supported by people I know who have first hand contact with the former manager of Barcelona.

So, at odds James rightly called “a fantastic price” of 14-1, I threw a tenner at that bet.

Pep Guardiola to choose Bayern Munich over the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal.

I would like to thank James (www.twitter.com/jdtips ) for the tip. As I say, he knows his world and European football and you should follow him. Unlike too many out there, he hasn’t fallen into the trap of thinking UK Pemier League football is the only football worth watching.

Remember, all punters should be united. Whether a member of my selections service, an ex member or just one of the thousands of punters who like to bet on football; it really doesn’t matter where the suggested bet comes from. I don’t base any bet of my own on so called “information” or “words.”

But I do have lots of time for punters and followers of sport who know what they are talking about.

People who study form and, in this case, watch football across the world. We should all share knowledge, thoughts and hunches. After all we have the same mission – to bash the bookie.

As for Guardiola himself, it says much about the man that he has chosen prospective job security over massive cash offer put in front of him by Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich.

How refreshing that a manager has taken a job in a land that is foreign to him not so much for the money (he would have been paid much more at Stamford Bridge), and not for the pay off he knew he would receive when the restless Russian sacked him.

I understand that the only job Pep wanted in England was the Arsenal one. That he wanted to build something there with Arsene Wenger ‘moving upstairs.’

That Arsenal approached Guardiola is interesting. But that they did not make him an offer he could not refuse tells you all you need to know about the state of play in the corridors of power at Arsenal.

Guardiola refused to accept an offer from Arsenal unless Wenger was in full knowledge of any such approach. He wanted to work with Wenger, not against him.

Instead he chose a club that did things the right way. Whose own manager is retiring at the end of the season and was in on the mission to approach Guardiola.

Pep has chosen a club where he feels he will be given time to develop something. It is a major coup for Bayern Munich. And a logical move for him.

The club is part owned by the fans, is run by former very good footballers who are serious men when it comes to business and has a loyal and dedicated fan basis. They were unlucky to lose the Champions League to Chelsea and I would expect Bayern Munich to be a force again in European football sooner rather than later.

For my part I am happy thinking about the look on the face of Abramovich when he was snubbed.

And delighted at the winnings on what was initially a speculative bet but which, the more I thought about it, made sense. By the time Guardiola took the job in Germany he was the bookies favourite.

But, as Nicola at Boylesports knows only too well, that wasn’t the case some weeks ago when I joined James Darby in betting on it being a case of ‘Auf Wierdershen Pep.’


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