Now then! Neil Warnock on referees – now and then.

Now then! Neil Warnock on referees – now and then.
Neil Warnock talks to Alan Biggs

Neil Warnock talks to Alan Biggs

Love him or loathe him, Neil Warnock was rarely out of the headlines during his many decades in football.

Supporters of opposing clubs don’t miss him (though they probably miss taunting him). Referees have a quieter life without Warnock giving them earache from the touchline.

His managerial career appeared to be petering out, but now he’s back at QPR as a special adviser. Is that a caretaker manager in waiting under another name?

Neil Warnock is a wealthy man. He’s a religious man. Someone who would rather be on a farm or in the countryside than dealing with the stress associated with football management. And he’s no longer a young man. So it’s time for him to look back and reflect.

He does so here with the Sheffield based correspondent, and BBC football reporter, Alan Biggs (also author of the fun read that is ‘Confessions of a Football Reporter’).

Alan is behind the excellent website You are the Ref It’s there you can watch many fascinating debates about recent football matches and refereeing decisions.

In part 1 of their conversation Alan Biggs and Neil Warnock look back at Neil’s early days as a player at Chesterfield and, inevitably, the chat moves on to the thorny topic of referees.


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