Nigel Pearson keeps the foxes on the run

Nigel Pearson keeps the foxes on the run

nigel pearson manages leicester city vg tipsEven in early February, it can be risky to say with any certainty that a football club will be promoted come May.

But, as much as is possible, it looks safe to say Leicester City are destined for the Premier League.

At the time of writing they are 10 points clear at the top of the Championship and have now won their last 9 games in the league.

I am delighted for manager Nigel Pearson. A man who has had his fair share of ups and downs, both as a player and manager.

Back in 1991 he captained Sheffield Wednesday to a League Cup final win at Wembley up against Manchester United.

Pearson was the best leader and captain the Owls had had for decades and his influence at the centre of defence has not been bettered since.

For my own part, writes Vernon Grant, Nigel Pearson has always impressed me. As a person and as a player. He is old school. He could have been playing and managing in the 60’s. Indeed, the game then may have suited him better. Certainly as a manager.

This season, along with supporters of the club, Pearson is most determined to avoid the play-offs. Last season they lost in the footballing equivalent of Russian roulette.

The club kept faith in him. That was not the case in his first spell as manager of the Foxes between 2008-10. His strained relationship with then Chairman Milan Mandaric led to Pearson leaving Leicester to manage Hull City.

Things are more stable at Leicester these days and it looks as though sticking with Pearson, despite the disappointment of last May, has paid dividends.

Pearson says: “Last season I don’t think a month went by without there being some sort of speculation about my future. The play off defeat was tough and draining on everybody. One minute we had a penalty to beat Watford and it was saved. Then they counterattacked straight away to score. It all happened in fifteen seconds. That took a lot of dealing with.”

The new Thai owner of the club wiped out the debt of £103m and has backed Pearson in the transfer market. The club are in profit for the first time in decades.

Pearson says: “There is lots of expectation surrounding Leicester City. Last summer was quite difficult, both in terms of players potentially leaving and my own position. We pride ourselves on doing the job here at Leicester with the long term in mind but whether you ever get the time to see things through is questionable. But I would not want to work any other way. Ultimately we are all judged on results.

“We have brought in a bit more experience this year, a little more know-how, and the balance of the team feels better. Last year we had a relatively young group of players and the harmony wasn’t always perfect. Right now we have a small squad compared to some like QPR.

“Whether we can draw on last season’s experiences in a positive way remains to be seen but I am confident we are better equipped to deal with what awaits us.”

Despite the bitter manner in which his first spell as Leicester manager ended, the statistics prove that he then had a better win ration than any other previous manager of the club, including the much loved at Leicester, Martin O’Neill.

Going back to manage Leicester for a second time was not a concern to Pearson.

He says: “I’d heard the saying that it’s wrong to go back, but so what? It felt right and I just had to back my own judgement. If I’d returned thinking things would be the same, I would have done it as a disadvantage.

“You get older and hopefully wiser. Clubs need to think a little bit more about what they stand for and what manager is a good fit for them.”

Pearson is clearly the right fit for the Foxes and surely he will receive a new contract in the summer.

By which time he and the Foxes should be preparing for the Premier League.


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