Mike Calvin – Living on the Volcano

Mike Calvin – Living on the Volcano

What it takes to be a modern football manager

volcano bigWhen I interviewed the author Mike Calvin about his study of football management called ‘Living on the Volcano’ the man who is the subject of Chapter 1 had just been appointed as the manager of Swindon Town.

In that first chapter Mike talks to Martin Ling about his clinical depression and the truly shocking treatment he had received for it. It is a stunning and very revealing first chapter. This week Martin Ling has had to resign as Swindon manager because his illness has returned and he could not do the job as he would wish.

Clinical depression is a serious and debilitating illness.

Thankfully it’s existence is now acknowledged in most places of work, including the world of sport.

Martin Ling’s health is far more important than football. But for those still working as a football manager the next three points, or lack thereof, can dictate their future well being. At least in a game where a manager can be deemed the best thing since sliced bread after a few wins, and a useless individual who must be sacked if he loses three straight games.

Living on the Volcano is the best written insight into what it takes to be a modern day football manager that has passed before my eyes.

Here’s my 6 minute conversation with the author, Mike Calvin.



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