Punters have never had it so good, says bookie Geoff Banks

Message to punters from bookmaker Geoff Banks: “You’ve never had it so good”

Geoff Banks is an independent bookie who is never without an opinion. My annual review videos with him have been the most watched filmed interviews I have carried out these past few years. So clearly people are interested in what he has to say.

Geoff Banks is a marmite man. But whether people agree or disagree with Geoff Banks, it’s good that he speaks out.

At the end of 2016 I have recorded another half hour interview with Geoff. But, in this day when people seem to have a very short online attention span, I have also edited some clips from that chat.

Geoff is outspoken on matters such as the owner Rich Ricci dominating the National Hunt scene, on the future for on course independent bookies and on punters.

In the short video below he claims we punters have never had it so good. Do you agree?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section here (if a member) or on YouTube if you are not.

In the longer version he does address the issue of simply getting a bet on and the increasing number of times when bookies big and small are restricting bets and the size of stakes. Look out for that full length Geoff Banks interview coming soon to VG Tips


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