Mel returns to VG Tips on the day of 3 winners for Nicky Henderson

Mel returns to VG Tips on the day of 3 winners for Nicky Henderson

Over the years at VG Tips I have grown accustomed to members of my selection service coming and going. Life can get in the way of punting. There might be the birth of a child that occupies the mind and time of a subscriber to my service. People lose their jobs and get their priorities right. Betting not being one of those. Rightly.

Worse, there might be a death in the family. Understandably at that time, punting is not important.

I always tell such members to go away, sort out what needs sorting out in their personal life and, if they want to, come back to me and VG Tips another day. When life is sorted. Punting is meant to be fun. My service aims to help people make an extra annual income – not lead to you telling the boss to stuff his or her job. Betting should be an enjoyable experience. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.

I welcome new members and returnees equally. Members who have left me and want to return are not required to go to confession. They can come back at any time and will be most welcome.

Soon, once 2017 has turned into 2018, I shall be sending out to existing members the end of year profit.
The year has ended well and what most pleased me on the December day of three Nicky Henderson trained winning tips were the messages I received from members. I was especially pleased that a past member, Mel, returned just in time to be on those winners at 7/1, 5/4 and 7/1, including Mr Whipped (photographed below).

Mr Whipped one of three Nicky Henderson winners

Mr Whipped, one of 3 winners for Mel

I recall Mel contacting me many months ago. He explained in full what had happened in his personal life and I sympathised. I told him to forget about betting. There are many more important things in life than that.

I was delighted to hear from Mel when he returned to VG Tips in December and especially pleased that he timed his return perfectly. The day before those Nicky Henderson winners.

I was touched that Mel took the time to send me the following message.

“As you know I had a family tragedy earlier this year that
stopped me from betting. It took me months to get over, but last night
I decided to take up the offer of £100 for a year’s membership .
I have to say what brilliant tipping from you today. It was fantastic
and I have got my membership money back with my winnings today.
Keep up the good work.”


Thank you Mel. Such feedback makes all the hard work worthwhile.

You too can return to VG Tips. Lapsed members are as welcome as newbies. Just go to



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