In conversation with Brian Laws

In conversation with Brian Laws
Brian Laws talks on camera about his career as a player and manager

Brian Laws

Brian Laws had a distinguished playing career with, among others, Burnley and Nottingham Forest. He played for many years under the legendary manager Brian Clough and recounts tales of working with Cloughie during this detailed, frank interview.

Brian has released his autobiography called ‘Laws of the Jungle’ in which he tells the truth about the infamous dressing room incident when he thumped an Italian playing for him at Grimsby Town. Legend has it that sandwiches, cups and saucers were involved – but Brian puts that myth to bed.

Today Brian manages Scunthorpe Utd today and has also managed Sheffield Wednesday, Burnley and Shamrock Rovers. He talks about radio phone ins, about how lazy Stan Collymore was as a player, about managing on small budgets and about how his wife insisted he take one particular managerial job. After all, she supported the club.

It is a refreshingly honest interview about the life and times of a player and manager who has rarely been out of work. 

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  1. toby.austin 8 years ago

    Enjoyed that mate. Seems like a jolly nice chap. I always thought he was a miserable so and so, but I think that’s just how he looks! See picture at top of article to see what I mean.

    • Author
      Vern 8 years ago

      Thanks Toby. I just feel that we live in a snippet culture. So many interviews these days are shown in cliche ridden 2 minute slots. There is a generation who have grown up on Sky Sports News. I prefer, when possible, to sit down and have a longer chat with these people. Not the megastars but those who work at heart of football and racing. Brian is a lovely guy and has certainly had a long career. I must change that photo of him. I do have better ones. I put it on cos he was in an Owls jacket! p.s. your boys are going to stay up. Believe!

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