Make Denise Coates poorer. Join VG Tips!

Make Denise Coates poorer. Join VG Tips!

So Denise Coates, the boss of Bet365, pocketed £265 million in one year. She was able to do so because the company formed in Stoke-on-Trent eighteen years ago made a profit of £660 million. Bet65 would have made more but for my subscribers to VG Tips!

Customers of Bet365 spent a mind-boggling amount £52.6 billion pounds in one year. Yes, you read that correctly. Billions!

But my message is clear. Do not despair. YOU can beat the bookie. I can show you how.

True, we are not going to send Denise Coates to the poor house. She’s never going to be visiting a food bank. She earned (debatable use of the word) £265 million in 2017, £48 million up on the year before. On the positive side, she’s paid twice as much as the entire Stoke City side that her company sponsors.

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Coates, who started out as a cashier marking up results in betting shops owned by her father before taking control and turning it into one of the world’s largest gambling groups, did not comment on the size of her pay.

I shall do that for her. It’s obscene. But, with her father Peter she built the company into the monster it is today. She’s worked hard to do so, was shrewd enough to pay what then must have seemed to have been a big price for the domain name, sold off loss making High Street shops and put all the concentration into building a website that the majority of bookmakers enjoy using. I have no case to make for Bet365, a company that got so sick of me taking money from them that they long ago closed my account. But the fact remains that Denise Coates is a successful businesswoman.

It is regrettable the revealing of this record breaking pay deal for the Chief Executive of a British company comes at the very time when the big bookies fought a rearguard action to prevent the minimum stake for the ghastly FOBT’s being reduced to £2. These daylight robbery devices have led to people being murdered and others taking their own lives. Coates and company have grown rich on the back of the misery of others. The gullible, desperate, the young and, frankly, those who don’t know what they’re doing.

But those of us who like to bet on sport can still make an annual profit. I have done so since 1998 and have spent decades teaching others how to beat the bookie each year.

I don’t play gaming machines, I don’t play bingo, roulette, poker or allow myself to be tempted to be directed to some of the other games websites such as Bet365 display. I do not respond to offers from bookies that seem to good to be true. Because they always are. Discipline is key to being a profitable punter.

ray winstone bet365

I’m not tempted into a bet by Ray Winstone, who brilliantly voices the Bet365 in play adds. One of the other startling figures revealed today was that three quarters of that £52.6 billion pounds spent by customers was laid out via the ‘Bet In Play’ market. That did surprise me. That 30% of bets were placed via mobile devices was less of a surprise. Where would the big bookies be today but for the invention of the mobile telephone?

I tell subscribers to VG Tips to stick to what they know. That’s what I do. Decades of contact with, and betting on football and horse racing, have ensured that I have made an additional annual income through betting.

YOU can beat the bookie. YOU can deprive Denise Coates and her ilk of a four figure sum over the period of 12 months. I am never going to be wealthy like Ms. Coates. Neither are you. I don’t aim to be. Profitable punting is for me a job of work. I pass on the benefit of my experience and knowledge to others who want to win more often than they lose.

Don’t try to make a million overnight. Don’t listen to those who promise you that there is some magic system by which you will be able to dine at the same top table as the overpaid bosses of online bookmakers.

Beating the bookie requires patience and the mindset to enjoy the ups and stomach some downs. Beating the bookie each and every year means you must be in it for the long term. It’s not about winning on one day, in one week or month. It’s about giving the bookie a bloody nose over a sustained period of time.

Take my hand. I will guide you on the path to profitable punting. Join VG Tips for a full year of racing and football tips for only £99 (a 50% discount that ends soon) or for £20 a month. Click here to subscribe to my long established and popular service.


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