Luis Suarez set to sign for FC Barcelona

Luis Suarez set to sign for FC Barcelona

suarez teethReports in Spain suggest a deal is done and that Luis Suarez will shortly become a Barcelona player. Daft money is being spoken of, including the figure of 75 million Euros. Not bitcoins!

What this move signals is a sea change in the attitude of those running and managing FC Barcelona. The club will have a meaner image from next season. The new manager, Luis Enrique, wants them to be less concerned about being pleasing on the eye to a watching worldwide TV audience, and more concentrated with returning to winning things. And fast.

A former Barcelona player himself, Enrique is not going to totally do away with the passing game that brought Barça so many honours in the past. However, without Xavi as ringmaster, they will adopt a faster, more direct approach.

Enrique wants them to be more deadly in front of goal and stop relying so much on Lionel Messi to work his magic. Something which, by his own high standards, he failed to do in La Liga last season.

Neymar has got goals for Barcelona but has not impressed fans there as much as he has some people at the World Cup. He may well miss the beginning of the Spanish season due to the back injury that brought his World Cup to a premature end.


Luis Suarez could well become the focal point of the Barcelona attack. All he needs to do is stay upright and stop biting people.

Suarez apologised for the latest use of his teeth at the World Cup under pressure to do so from officials at Barcelona. He initially denied that he meant to bite an Italian defender in a World Cup game between Uruguay and Italy, but money talks. When Barça told him he had to apologise or the transfer was off, the Liverpool striker came over all humble and apologetic.

Amazing what a new financial deal and a move away from England can do for a player who feels loved in Liverpool, but loathed by the rest of England.

Real Madrid were said to be interested initially. But those who run that club pride themselves on their image as much as what they achieve on the pitch. Perhaps the true powers that be at Real Madrid considered Suarez to be high risk.

Suarez will suit Spanish football. Theatrics are the norm here. He should do well for Barcelona and score plenty of goals. But the fee, if accurate, is ludicrous. No player, not even Pele reincarnated at his best, would be worth such money.

But that’s football nowadays. It has lost the plot.


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