Luis Suarez – once bitten, twice sly. But why?

Luis Suarez – once bitten, twice sly. But why?
why did luis suarez bite another player?

That’s very nearly an armful!

It’s the sly way he goes about it that gets me. Luis Suarez. He takes a bite out of you but tries to disguise what he is doing. Then he pretends he is the injured party.

They are the actions of a child in the playground. Children bite. Grown men don’t (unless, of course, they are celebrated rapists doubling up as a thug in the boxing ring).

What makes an adult man want to bite an opponent?

The answer to that question eludes me more than the motives behind two young blowing up innocent men, women and children in Boston.

Suarez has previous. He’s done this before, so not for him the excuse of a one off moment of madness.

It cannot be frustration at his working conditions. After all, none of us will ever be paid millions to kick a football as well as he can.

He’s a cheat. Of course we know that. Liverpool fans need not take offence at that. He is in good company these days. Cheats prosper weekly in the professional game of football. We first saw Suarez cheat when he played for his country in the World Cup.

And people have been diving to con referees since I was a nipper. Perhaps not as often then as now, but it’s always gone on.

The media have made way too much of this biting incident. Disgusting, deplorable, reprehensible, baffling, bemusing and bewildering in equal measure. But nobody died.

That Sky News led their Monday morning bulletins with the story tells us only that this particular news organisation (for which I once worked) has decided to play to the lowest common denominator of their audience and/or that they have lost all sense of the news stories that do matter in the world.

We all know Suarez will not be hung out to dry by his club. Banned for the remaining four games of the season, for sure. But no football club can afford to sack a prized asset. For they know other clubs will get the player on the cheap should they shown him the door.

I once sat down with the profligate Peter Ridsdale when he was Chairman of Leeds United. The man who ran the club into the financial buffers. I asked him why he hadn’t sacked Lee Bowyer and Jonathan Woodgate for their dubious antics when on a night out in Leeds. An incident that saw them end up in court.

“I can’t do that Vernon” said the soon to be discredited Ridsdale. “Their agents, lawyers and the PFA would be on my back in a minute. A football club can’t sack a player these days. Not if they are on contract. It’s impossible.”

My mind goes further back to constructive dismissal of a different kind at Sheffield Wednesday football club. Only this time, to my sure and certain knowledge, it was the player who constructed his own exit.

Paolo Di Canio had been looking for a route out of South Yorkshire for some weeks before he pushed referee Paul Alcock to the floor. Di Canio had tired of shopping at the Meadowhall Centre. He couldn’t work for then manager Danny Wilson. He was being courted by clubs in London and he wanted the bright lights and big city.

When sent packing from the ground following that notorious ‘did he fall or was he pushed’ incident at Hillsborough, Di Canio got on a plane back to his native Italy and rode around his home town on his scooter (with colleagues of mine from Sky Sports News in hot pursuit).

I knew Paolo wanted away. I heard first hand of his frustration. So I get why he did what he did.

Why Suarez chooses to bite like a girl remains a mystery to me. Liverpool have had some real hard men in my lifetime. You knew where you stood with the likes of Tommy Smith. The chances are you weren’t standing at all. You were more than likely on the ground looking up at that fierce face of Smith.

I would love to know how the likes of Smith would have dealt with a player biting him. I think revenge would have been a dish served piping hot.

If Suarez is angry he should kick, punch or headbutt. Just like any grown, overpaid, out of touch with the real world modern day footballer.

His actions were those of a disruptive child who needs a good smack.

But then, like Norman biting your legs Hunter or Ron Harris chopping you down on the wing; you can’t do that any longer either.

Footballers were so much easier to understand in the good old days.

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