Jose Mourinho. The Godfather is back!

Jose Mourinho. The Godfather is back!
Friends reunited

Friends reunited

Do you know who I am?

It’s one of many lines from the film ‘The Godfather.’

And returning Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is happy that everyone in English football knows exactly who he is. Or do they? Are we about to witness a new Mourinho? A man more at ease with himself.

He says: “The guy that everyone respected, admired and looked up at as the dad of every manager in the Premier League is gone. Maybe I am the new Godfather.’

He was referring to the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson is no longer the senior figure in football management within England. That there is a vacant seat at the head of the Premier League managers table.

Is Jose the man to fill that seat?

In his words, here is application for the vacancy.

Mourinho says: “I’m one of the guys with more time in football. I almost have the record of Champions League appearances. I won all the English competitions and I’m the only European Champion. Maybe I have a bit more responsibility in terms of being one of the more experienced guys.

“I have to be an example for everybody, not just in the expectations on me to win. I mean an example in everything – conduct, support, being there for everyone when for some reason they need me.

“A coach must be everything. From a tactician to a motivator, a leader, a methodologist, a psychologist. I had a teacher at university who told me, ‘A coach that only knows about football is not a top one. The difference is made in other areas.’ He was a teacher of philosophy. I got the message.”

But has his image not been tarnished by events at Real Madrid?

Mourinho responds thus: “My DNA has not changed, but experience changes people. One Chelsea team built many years ago is disappearing and we’re facing a new situation because of Financial Fair Play, so the club went in another direction, investing in new players to have a young squad.

“My job has a different profile to my first job at Chelsea but I don’t want to be loved for what I did before. I want to be loved for what I do now and in the future.”

And Mourinho clearly believes he has a long term future at Stamford Bridge.

He says: “For me, a leader is the one that can make the whole better than the sum of its parts, and you can only achieve that when you go inside the players’ brains, know them deeply, make them work as a team and for the team.

“I’m working now with a squad whose best years are to come. I have to think about today and tomorrow, and prepare for the long term future. It doesn’t scare me.”

Of course it doesn’t.

After all, Jose Mourinho is the new Godfather!


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