Jose Mourinho. He knows he is. He’s sure he is. He’s H-A-P-P-Y

Jose Mourinho. He knows he is. He’s sure he is. He’s H-A-P-P-Y
jose mourinho back at chelsea press conference

He´s back!

Jose Mourinho was back among those who love him today. Not so much the players at Chelsea. They’ve been in touch for a while.

But the English sports press. The hacks Mourinho he said treated him fairly during his first reign at Stamford Bridge.

That’s what he said when he took on the the Spanish media for how they wrote about him during his time as manager of Real Madrid.


Time will tell if Jose and the press remain as “in love” second time around.

For his part he said, among other things… “Time flies… I am the happy one… I am the same person.. I have the same heart… I have the same emotions & passions for the job. I am where I want to be. I wouldn’t change it for anything”

He was wise to temper enthusiasm. He played that card often used by managers. Namely play down expectations. That way, when he wins things, the achievements will seem ever more impressive.


We saw a more humble, modest Mourinho this day. I’m pleased to predict it won’t last!

Only when provoked did he show a glint of the Mourinho who loves to wind up opponents.

He was asked to comment on the words of the class act that is Barcelona midfield player Andrés Iniesta. In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais, he was asked if he thought the outgoing Real Madrid boss had been a bad influence on football in Spain.

Iniesta said: “You just have to look at the facts. Yes, he damaged Spanish football, in general more harm than good. But I don’t like talking about that person at all. So if you don’t mind we’ll leave it at that.”

In fairness to Iniesta he was commenting on the widely held belief in Spain (including at Real Madrid) that Mourinho was nothing but trouble. That his angry words with match officials, his poking opposing coaches in the eye and his treatment of established professional players were all bad for the image of Spanish football.

Jose responded to the comments of Iniesta thus: “I damaged Spanish football by being the manager that broke Barcelona dominance. They were dominant and dominant and dominant and it looked like it was a dominance without an end.”

Well I just took a look at the final La Liga table of last season. And I see Barcelona on top, Champions with 100 points. And Jose’s Real Madrid 15 points behind in second.

Bareclona’s dominance of Spanish football may well end next season. They are going through a transitional phase and, if Real Madrid appoint the right man, I can see them winning La Liga next season.

But it won’t be thanks to Jose Mourinho.


He’ll be too busy trying to win the Premier League title for those who never fell out of love with him.

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