In conversation with Seth Bennett of BBC Sport

In conversation with Seth Bennett of BBC Sport
Seth Bennett

Seth Bennett

I have long been an admirer of BBC local radio.

Over the years I have listened to transmission from all over the country. And, for more years than I care to recall, I have listened to the superb service offered by the sports team at BBC Radio Sheffield.

Many listeners criticise their local radio station, but until you have listened to the opposition you may not realise how lucky you are.

I can tell the football fans of South Yorkshire that, no matter what grumbles they may have, the team that cover games in that area are the best in BBC local radio. And the football phone-in shows ‘Football Heaven’ and ‘Praise or Grumble’ are the best phone-in shows transmitted in any region.

BBC local radio has been the victim of some deep cost cutting measures of late due to the waste nationally during the reign of former BBC Director General Mark Thompson.

And yet BBC Radio Sheffield continue to offer a superb service to football fans throughout their region.

Seth Bennett worked for the station for 12 years. He added some humour to the football phone-in shows which, frankly, too many supporters take way too seriously.

Now Seth’s talents have been recognised by national radio and he has found himself covering big events worldwide for BBC Radio this past year.

I sat down with Seth to discuss the football phone-in show, the managers and chairmen he has dealt with, the football teams of South Yorkshire and their supporters.

Is the football phone-in show a force for good or evil and which managers have impressed him the most? And, that all important question, which is his team?
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