How to be a Profitable Punter Part 2

How to be a Profitable Punter Part 2

 The art of making money while betting on sport

Vernon Grant offers the benefit of his vast experience as a profitable punter in the second in an ongoing series of videos and downloadable tips on how to bet.

Vernon Grant the Profitabl Punter

Vernon Grant

  • How often should you bet on the horses or football?
  • What mentality is required to be a profitable punter?
  • Is greed good when it comes to sports betting?
  • How should any punter react to losing on a bet?

There are many rules to follow if you also want to make an annual income betting on sport.

  • This series of video is aimed at those who like to bet on sport but want to know how to beat the bookie whenever possible.
  • These videos deal with the basics of how to become a profitable punter. They are not aimed at the very experienced punters.
  • The instructional videos are aimed at those who want to learn more about punting.

VGTips offers a members selections service 20 days a month for just £10.

Good luck and profitable punting from the VGTips team.
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