How to be a profitable punter, part 1.

How to be a profitable punter, part 1.

So you want to be a profitable punter. You are looking for a way to end each year ahead of the bookie.

You’re weary of losing to them. You can’t figure out where you are going wrong? You need help! Then allow me to.

Join VG Tips today and I will teach you how to be a fellow profitable punter?

Someone who makes an additional annual income betting on sport.

I’ll show you what characteristics you need to possess?

Advise you when to bet and, crucially, when not to. Yes. That’s right. When not to bet.

I will highlight when a bet offers potential value in the betting market, be that on football or horse racing.

What else will you need if, like me, you want to beat the bookie? Year in, year out.


Is your glass half full or half empty? You need to have an optimistic outlook if you are to stay the distance in the race to beat the bookie over the course of one year. As I have done since 1998.

I compare punting to a rollercoaster ride. The ups are thrilling. Exhilarating. You feel on top of the world. You so enjoy the ride you want to scream with pleasure. That’s when you are winning. When you are making profit,  by any means, and taking money from the satchel of the bookie.

But how do you react on bad days? When it seems the Gods are conspiring against you. When you’re out of luck. Your horse gets beaten by a neck or falls at the final fence, when leading. Or perhaps an injury time goal deprives you of a big odds football accumulator. You may feel as though you’ll never again have a winning bet. But you will.

I have learned a great deal from decades of profitable punting. One lesson is that these things are cyclical. A bad run is always followed by a good one.

Time and time again since 1998 I have seen punters give up after a bad day, week or month of betting. Imagine if I had thrown in the towel at such times. I dread to think where I’d be now. Probably having to work for a bully. Not being my own boss.

profitable punter vernon grant being paid out on a winning bet

The lovely independent bookie Julie Williams hands over my winnings at York

I tend to finish each year having been in profit for nine or ten months.

Through the bad times and the good, never forget that great feeling when everything on the punting front goes right.

When we back 50/1 and 40/1 winners of the Grand National.

When we back 20/1 winners of the Derby.

When we bet on a footballer to score the first goal at odds of 30/1 and he does precisely that.

Remember those days when a football accumulator comes good and we win handsomely. Celebrate those days and known there are many more to come.

If you want to be a profitable punter, have an optimistic mindset. Enjoy winning more than you loathe losing. Keep that glass half full.

leopardstown punters celebrate

Winning. You wear it well


I’m always reminding members of VG Tips to be patient. That patience is the greatest virtue a punter can possess.

Wait for the right bet. Don’t get itchy fingers and bet on any old event. That is what the bookies hound you to do, with their special offers and e-mails saying they are missing you.

What’s the biggest mistake punters make? Betting too often.

Less is more if you want to beat the bookie each year. What’s the point in you taking money from the bookies if you rush to give it back to them?

Here’s a link to my how to bet better video on what to do with your winnings.

Patience is your best friend. Together, you can frustrate the bookie.

be a profitable punter. join vg tips betting tips service

Nothing like the feeling of winning


Treat betting as though it is a job. That is what it is to me. You can have days off. Indeed you must have days off. I do.

For some years now I have learned to concentrate only on the better quality race meetings. Not the dross that pollutes the ever increasing racing calendar.

Likewise, with football, I ignore competitions in which you cannot be sure which managers will take the games seriously. As with the League Cup, whoever is sponsoring it.

If you bet on every race or game you see on the websites of bookmakers, you will lose overall. You must be not only patient but also employ self discipline.

Resist the temptation to bet on something you know nothing about. Don’t bet when bored.

The discipline I am talking about is sticking to what works best for you. Be that betting on racing or football. Or both.

Or perhaps you know your tennis or golf inside out and you have a good record betting on those sports. One of my greatest bets of all time came at Wimbledon, in an era when I watched on television every tournament played all year round. After all, knowledge is power. You can read about that by clicking here.

These days I stick to the two sports I follow the most. Horse racing and football. Offering not only detailed analysis of events, not simply betting tips, but also offering advice on how to bet better. I work for and with my members.

We’re in it together. Mission beat the bookie.

Optimism. Patience. Discipline. Own them. Be a profitable punter.

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