Sport on TV. The history of it with with Martin Kelner

Sport on TV. The history of it with with Martin Kelner

brian moore and clough big matchAfter 14 years writing a funny column reviewing sport on TV for The Guardian newspaper, Martin Kelner has also written a book about the history of sport on TV.

‘Sit Down and Cheer’ is a superb account of how the coverage of sport on television has changed from the days when ‘Grandstand’ was taken off air just as the football results came through on a Saturday.

The early days of Wimbledon coverage, when viewers could not see the ball. And the times when football pundits were not bland.

Here Martin talks about his favourite football commentators, comparing the likes of John Motson, Barry Davies, Kenneth Wolstenholme and David Coleman.

The book is a funny and informative read and Martin talks to me about it in this shorter, 8 minute version of our original half hour chat. Sadly, a school tour party made a lot of noise at the venue in Bradford.

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