It’s over and out for Harry Redknapp

It’s over and out for Harry Redknapp

redknappHarry Redknapp has resigned as manager of QPR after failing to persuade his chairman to part with further funds for players, and after being offended by comments made by his boss.

Following a sleepless night, and being frustrated at not being able to splash the cash on transfer deadline day, Redknapp rang Chairman Tony Fernandes at dawn to tell him of his decision.

On Monday Fenandes tweeted the following: “No more cheque book. We have good players. Bought all the players manager asked for in sunmer. Our players not mercenaries. Good guys. If something interesting comes up we would look at it. But I’m not optimistic. Given the right motivation, tactics and coaching we can achieve much more.”

Many observers thought that would be the last straw for Redknapp. He’s struggled to have many of the players on his side this season. Life back in the Premier League has proved difficult and QPR look set to drop into the Championship once again.

Fernandes has had much more important matters on his mind. One of his Air Asia jets crashed killing all on board. Understandably his mind was not on football.

As for the experienced Redknapp, retirement from football management may now beckon.

On leaving Loftus Road he said: “I have had such a fantastic time at QPR. I would like to thank the board, the players and all my staff, and especially the supporters who have been absolutely fantastic to me since I arrived at the club for their tremendous support.

“Sadly I need immediate surgery on my knee which is going to stop me from doing my job in the coming weeks. It means I won’t be able to be out on the training pitch every day, and if I can’t give 100% I feel it’s better for someone else to take over the reins.

“My relationship with Tony Fernandes has been one of the highlights of my footballing career and I wish the club every success. I am confident they will survive in the Premier League this year.”

In that regard Redknapp is in a minority of two. Only he and Fernandes claim QPR will stay up.

QPR sign christopher samba

Tony Fernandes

The two men have tried to make the parting as amicable as possible, at least publicly. But I could tell some weeks ago, from his body language, that Harry Redknapp was tired of the job and of not getting the response he wanted from certain players.

Fernandes said today:  “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Harry for everything he has done for QPR during his time in charge. We part on good terms and I would personally like to wish him all the best for the future.”

It’s hard to see Harry getting another job within easy commuting distance of his lovely home. He will only want to work within the M25, or along the south coast. As of this moment such an opportunity looks unlikely. I expect he’ll take time off and reconsider his options in the summer, before a new season dawns.

It may be that Harry has to do the one thing he will find most difficult. Retire. But at least he has lovely beaches on his doorstep upon which he can walk his dogs. And he has plenty of money under the mattress, or in the bank. That tends to ease the pain of retirement.


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