Great goal. But who won between Aston Villa and Sheffield Wednesday?

Great goal. But who won between Aston Villa and Sheffield Wednesday?

Spectacular volleys are always a delight to watch. But did the fantastic finish by John McGinn, his first goal for Aston Villa, come off his shin? In other words, did he shin it, a bit like the famous Wayne Rooney overhead kick?

Yes. Does that diminish the purity of the finish? Yes, but perhaps only for pedants like me. It makes the goal a little less perfect. But it’s still beautiful to watch, not least thanks to the various camera angles that show the player adjust his body so that he could connect with the ball, albeit via that shin.

I scored a great goal once. A perfect volley (not off my shin). It was for Springwell Junior School, writes Vernon Grant.

There were differences between my goal and the ‘pick that one out’ from McGinn. The highlight of my young footballing career was watched by far fewer people, the goal had no net and there were no cameras available to capture the best goal scored in all of Hounslow in 1968.

Springwell Juniors won that match. Aston Villa did not. The latter fact has been somewhat overlooked by the media who wet themselves over the McGinn goal. Villa lost the match 1-2. Better news for Aston Villa and manager Steve Bruce on Monday. Arguably the best Villa player, Jack Grealish, has signed a new five year contract.

Sheffield Wednesday, meanwhile, have picked up after a poor start to the season. Here are the highlights from that game at Villa Park, including THAT goal and the two that secured the Owls all three points.


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