Good cop, bad cop double act to manage Manchester United

Good cop, bad cop double act to manage Manchester United

van gaal pointsIt’s official. Louis Van Gaal is the new manager of Manchester United. And his assistant manager will be Ryan Giggs.

Bad cop, good cop.

Van Gaal, a notorious disciplinarian, will give the players he keeps a kick up the backside. Giggs will massage their offended egos.

It could work. Though Van Gaal, appointed on a three year contract, can hardly be a long term appointment. Not at his age.

But maybe he is the right man to steer the club out of troubled waters. To build something upon which his successor – who could well be Giggs himself – can build. The club confirmed that Giggs has retired as a player.

Van Gaal made all the right noises. He said: “To work as a manager for Manchester United, the biggest club in the world, makes me extremely proud. This club has big ambitions; I too have big ambitions. Together I’m sure we will make history.”

Well, I’m not sure what history he is talking about. But one thing is for sure.

Life in the Premier League will not be dull. Not with these two old friends in opposition.

van gaal and mourinho


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