Geoff Banks rides again!

Geoff Banks rides again!
Crowds gather for the Cheltenham Festival

Geoff Banks is looking forward to the festival

Here he is. The man you’ve all been waiting for. Geoff Banks speaks in part two of my on camera interview with him recorded at the end of 2014.

Geoff educates us about what it costs for an independent bookie such as he to be on course and to operate a business much smaller than the big companies located in Gibraltar.

How much does he have to pay the Gambling Commission and for what?

How do small bookies make a living? What has he tried to do to attract loyal customers to his excellent service?

Who exactly are ‘bonus junkies?’ What was his worse day at the Cheltenham Festival and which jockey will he never speak to as a result?

Is the Grand National still the big betting attraction it once was? What precisely is “a bet for the Mrs?” And where exactly is Leicester?

All this and more revealed in this relaxed chat over a glass of bubbly. Sit back for twenty minutes and enjoy the one, the only…Geoff Banks.

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