Meet Geoff Banks, Bookmaker – Part 2

Meet Geoff Banks, Bookmaker – Part 2

geoff banks and naomi at work BIGGeoff Banks is a bookmaker whose own father was a well know man of the turf. Indeed, John Banks was a legend of the betting ring. Geoff was brought up surrounded by the well known faces of racing. And by money!

Now Geoff is known to regular punters courtesy of his TV appearances and his outspoken Twitter feed via @GeoffBanksRacing

Late in 2013 I sat down with Geoff to address the hot topics in racing and the issues that the racing authorities need to address.

The way people bet has changed dramatically since Geoff’s father had his betting shops in Scotland. And the on course betting ring is a very different place from the one John Banks occupied.

How difficult is it for a sole operator bookmaker these days? Why should we bet with someone like Geoff and not one of the big online bookies.

And what about the racing product itself? Why are there so many small field races these days? Is there simply too much racing in the UK and, if so, who or what is behind that?

Part 1 of our chat is also on the VG Tips website and, coming soon, will be part 3 – in which Geoff points the finger at The Racing Post newspaper and discusses the fact that 2014 will be the first year in which horses will race on the Good Friday bank holiday.

But first, sit back, concentrate and listen to some controversial but wise words from a man of the turf. And feel free to leave your comments on what he has to say.


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