Football is back. You can bet on it!

Football is back. You can bet on it!


[symple_heading type=”h1″ title=”Football is back. And with it, the chance for members of VG TIPS to make money” margin_top=”10px;” margin_bottom=”5px” text_align=”left”]

We’ve had some great returns in past years. Magnificent 7 accumulators pay off a few times during the course of a season.

And last January we enjoyed a 51/1 winning acca by my correctly predicting the outcome of only four football matches. 

Last November many members were on this 16/1 winning football acca 

Of course correctly predicting 7 correct outcomes in football matches is no easy task. You try it!

But when one of my football accumulator bets pays off, it returns big profits.

Then there are the single bets. There can only be one of three results in a football match. So it’s not like a 29 field handicap over five furlongs at Doncaster!

Betting on a footballer to score at any time in a game has become a popular bet with me. We all know scoring goals is about confidence, so when one player is on a good run it is worth betting on him to continue scoring. Bookies cotton on eventually, but not always immediately. Last season players such as Southampton’s Rickie Lambert made money for us often.

frank lampard smileAnd, of course, there was always Frank Lampard to rely on.

For years now, betting on the Chelsea penalty taker to score first or any time in the game has been a banker for me. Only during the years when André Villas-Boas managed at Stamford Bridge did betting on Frank become a no go. For reasons lost on me, AVB dropped super Frank way too often.

A clash of personalities I was told. But as AVB does not have one, I don’t see how that was possible!

Now Frank is not getting any younger. How often he plays for Jose Mourinho this season remains to be seen.

But, when Frank Lampard starts a game, he will still be a good bet to score at any stage during the game. Especially so if he remains the penalty taker.

[symple_heading type=”h2″ title=” There are many ways to beat the bookie” margin_top=”10px;” margin_bottom=”5px” text_align=”left”]

Football offers the profitable punter lots of good bets during the course of the season.

Remember, bookies concentrate too much on the Premier League. They know far less about what is going on in Leagues 1 & 2. And even less about what is going on in other European Leagues.

I always play the accumulators I offer to members each week. I know that, for the majority of the weeks of a domestic football season, I will not win on them. One team will concede a last minute equaliser. A striker will only have to score from 6 yards for us to win big. He’ll miss.

It happens to all punters.

Member Michael began 2013 with a big win

Member Michael began 2013 with a big win


But when the accumulators pay off, it is a great feeling and should be celebrated.

Nothing pleases me more than hearing back from members who have bashed the bookie.

Don’t play too many accumulators though. More people bet on football now than on horse racing. The bookies have been quick to respond. They will offer you all manner of bundles to bet on. Study them. There is sure to be at least one club in their suggested accas that will let down the bet.

Ex players and broadcasters are employed (paid a fee) by bookies to supposedly come up with their own accumulators. Those bets are pushed and promoted by bookies as though your life depended on you betting on those teams.

But the person whose name is used in the headline of that advert or e-mail may actually have had little or no say in which teams comprise that bet.

[symple_heading type=”h2″ title=”Bookies want you to lose, not win” margin_top=”10px;” margin_bottom=”5px” text_align=”left”]

Sorry if that seems a statement of the bleeding obvious. But you’ll be amazed at how many football punters think bookies are doing them a favour.

If you have time, keep a record of how many of those bets suggested by bookies (in the name of an ex player, manager or current broadcaster) actually pay off during the course of the season.

I guarantee the number will be fewer than my own suggested accumulators.

That is because I am batting for the side called ‘punter.’ We are in this together.

Come join me for another football season of frustration, fantastic wins, dismal defeats, ‘kick the cat’ Saturday’s and wonderful Wednesday winning bets.

Betting on football leads to a roller coaster of emotions.

Once again, I am driving the VG TIPS ride. Come jump on board.

£10 a month or £100 a year buys you football tips each weekend and midweek and horse racing selections on a minimum of five days of the week.

Join VG TIPS here and become a profitable punter.




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