Next Racing Selections - Saturday

Flat racing is back. Or is it?

The folk who run the sport of racing need to sort out the mess that is the fixture list.

One moment they herald the beginning of the new flat turf season, at Doncaster. The next, there is no racing on turf. Only the all weather nonsense that infects the sport of kings.

I enjoyed a good first day of the flat turf racing season, in England and Ireland (watch video diary below).

After that video was recorded, foolishly, I allowed myself to be tempted to take notice of a decent meeting at Nottingham last Wednesday. I really should have stuck to my original advertised plan to touch no racing between banking the big winnings from Grand National Saturday, and the Easter weekend.

Wednesday was woeful. There, I’ve said it. I really don’t need others to tell me!

I’m sorry I offered any tips at Nottingham but that racecard did come with a warning any long term punter or tipster will give you at the very start of the flat season – buyer beware! Few of the horses have raced since last autumn and many have never raced before. We cannot yet know for sure which have wintered well, which will be stars and the horses worth backing between May and October.

Ironically, the best racing over the Easter weekend is not on the flat. It’s over in Ireland where there is an excellent jumps meeting and stars such as Annie Power are expected to return to racing. The Irish Grand National takes place on Monday.

You’re confused? Imagine what it’s like when I’m deciding which code to concentrate on at this time of the year.

Anyway, I’m ready for the flat turf season proper. Over to you the British Horseracing Authority. When you’re ready!

I do not get involved in the all weather Champions day at Lingfield on Good Friday. That’s because I pay no attention whatsoever to all weather racing during the depths of winter. That time of the year is for followers of National Hunt (jumps) racing. Not all weather tosh.

The next selections will be with members on Friday for racing on Saturday. There will also be selections for racing on Sunday and Monday.

Finally, I’d like to thank the polite and long term followers for their positivity regarding last Saturday and, in particular, I was pleased so many people who were around in January got on my Grand National ante-post tip about One For Arthur at odds of 40/1.

I love my members. I’ve prided myself of having a good relationship with them for many years. I attract the nicest of people. Well, most of the time.

Once every 3-4 years the odd complainer comes to our party bringing nothing but negativity. I’m no happy clapper, far from it. But I don’t know what makes those who spend their lives slagging off others online, smile. They must see clouds, where there are blue skies. They likely find a £1 and moan it’s not £2. Really chaps, you’re not welcome at VG Tips.

A couple of moaners, @madsmikel and @billybigbaz – who have presumably joined purely to complain when things go wrong (as they are silent when the opposite is the case); should e-mail me rather than whine on Twitter (where I have muted your missives). Depending on how recently you signed up, I’m happy to reimburse you and then you can turn your depressing attention to others.

As Dale Carnegie once said:

“Any fool can criticize, complain, and condemn—and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”

This week, one of those people told me to stick to football and leave the horses alone. I had to laugh, coming as it did less than a week after One For Arthur won the National and I tipped Finian’s Oscar to win at 7/2 (Won), Captain Forez each way at 14/1 (Placed), Yanworth to win at 2/1 (Won), Blaklion each way at 14/1 (Placed) and Aquadabra each way at 16/1 (Placed).

To slag off people who have made an annual profit betting on sport for 19 years, is foolish. And to tell someone whose tipped the last two Grand National winners (at 50/1 and 40/1) to stick to football, is risible.

Any sensible, grown up, polite, patient and persistent punter knows that you have good days, bad days, great days and days when you should have stayed in bed.

And if you are unwilling or unable to accept that, then I have a short message for you.
For the record, this is my VG Tips maxim.



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