A Man's World by Donald McRae

Emile Griffith, boxer, by Donald McRae
Emile Griffit boxer is subject of the book A Man's World

Emile Griffith in the fight that changed his life

There are two excellent books about boxing that you should read. Darren Barker tells his story in Dazzling Darkness, a fighter who had to overcome grief at the death of his brother, Gary.

Darren said Gary was the more talented boxer. With the help of counselling, Darren went back into the ring and went on to win titles. His life story is set to be made into a film starring Ray Winstone.

And then there is a book about the life and times of boxer Emile Griffith, written by award winning journalist Donald McRae. It is called ‘A Man’s World.’

Some books are meant to be read as hard copies, holding in your hand. This is one such book. Somehow a Kindle does not do justice to this beautiful book.

The fighter Emile Griffith was famous for killing an opponent in the ring after he had been taunted about his own homosexuality at the weigh-in for the fight.

To be a homosexual was illegal in America at that time and Griffith had to live a secret life. He didn’t like boxing but was an accomplished fighter who won titles. But he would much rather have made hats!

Watch my 8 minute interview with Donald McRae here

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