Drugs in Sport

Drugs in Sport
Tyler Hamilton, cyclist, has written an expose of drugs in that sport

Tyler Hamilton & Lance Armstrong. Photo by Franck Fife

Lie on the bed, roll up your sleeve, give me your arm. Relax.

Those words come from the book ‘The Secret Race’, winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award.

Author Tyler Hamilton won gold at the 2004 Olympics and rode in the Tour de France 7 times. His book spills the beans on the culture of doping in cycling.

Tyler was in the now infamous US Postal Service cycling team between 1999 and 2001. The team dominated by Lance Armstrong.

Cycling ensured the issue of drugs and doping in sport made it back on to the front pages of newspapers the world over.

A sport that has been so secretive and seemingly difficult for outsiders to penetrate, suddenly revealed itself  to be a sport riddled with doping and cheating. Lots of insiders kept the truth secret, including Tyler Hamilton.

He told me that the day he revealed the secrets was one of the best days of his life.

Bradley Wiggins won the Sports Personality of the Year. It was not just his ability in the saddle that helped restore credibility to the sport of cycling, but also his own comments about the well documented doping scandal that surrounded Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France of years gone by.

Wiggins has said: “It wasn’t a surprise. He (Armstrong) is still a multimillionaire, and he’s not here to answer the questions. He was someone I respected and admired. I’ve met quite a few sportsmen, but I don’t think I’ve met anybody as … powerful as him.”

Wiggins described Armstrong as “quite an intimidating person to be around. If I’m going to Kilburn, I get on a bus. He’d have a car waiting for him with a bodyguard. He’d go to races on a private jet. I take my kids to school. It’s what keeps you normal.”

Armstrong figures large in the Tyler Hamilton book but, as his co author Daniel Coyle told me, this expose of the widespread use of drugs in cycling is not simply about one man.

Watch my on camera interview with Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle.

Then let me know your views on drugs in sport. Leave your comment below in the Speak Your Mind box. Let’s see if there is a consensus of opinion as to whether we have turned a corner when it comes to doping and the use of drugs, not only in cycling, but in all sports



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