Happy Harry doing the Samba on transfer deadline day

Happy Harry doing the Samba on transfer deadline day
Samba signs for QPR

Samba signs for QPR

The madness that is the UK transfer deadline day saw the usual suspects hard at work. Harry Redknapp says he doesn’t enjoy this time of the year. Rubbish! He loves every moment. He relishes the adrenalin rush.

And today he made what will likely be the most expensive purchase of the day. Christopher Samba joins for a fee of around £12.5 million and wages that will not so much break the wage structure at QPR, as blow it out of the water.

It is reported that the one time Blackburn Rovers defender will be paid between £100.000 and £120.000 per week.

Rangers owner Tony Fernandes is playing roulette with the Loftus Road club. In the summer he said the club could not afford to sign Samba. He also tweeted that there would be no panic buying at Rangers. That was when Mark Hughes was manager.

As a West London boy with no animosity towards the club, I hope QPR stay up. But Redknapp and Fernandes are taking a huge gamble.

They resemble a punter chasing their losses with ever increasing stakes.

If anyone can keep QPR in the Premier League, it is Harry Redknapp. The club owner dragged his feet in getting Harry to Loftus Road. He should have got him to replace Mark Hughes a month earlier than he did. And that hesitation may cost him and the club.

I fancy Redknapp to keep QPR up, but they won’t do it simply by drawing their games. Harry has stopped the rot, but now Rangers need to start winning matches. And that is why Redknapp has also been chasing the likes of Peter Crouch – a player Harry has signed four times previously.

QPR sign christopher samba

Tony Fernandes

Tony Fernandes runs a good budget airline. Air Asia are a pleasure to fly with. Fernandes has made his millions from being a clever businessman. Shrewd, but always keen to keep the customer satisfied. His attitude is a world away from the owner of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary – a man who has invested in horse racing rather than football.

Why do these wealthy man, who have worked so hard to accumulate their fortunes, want to throw it in the direction of overpaid footballers, their greedy agents or to purchase thoroughbred horses?

Given the choice I would take the O’Leary option. Watching a racehorse win would give me a much bigger thrill than watching a mercenary play football.

Horses are expensive to look after. They can break down.

But you’ll not find them doing a Samba and walking out on his club/stable without saying goodbye to his colleagues/stablemates. Samba left his Russian club without so much as a word to manager Guus Hiddink. Now there is a man who deserves more respect than that.

Thoroughbred racehorses are classier than that.

On Twitter I have been accused in the past of being “a typical journalist who is in love with Harry Redknapp.”

Harry Redknapp talks to sky sports on transfer deadline day

Harry doing what he does best

I do like Harry. My dealings with him over 35 years have been good ones. But, no, I am not one of those hacks who can see now wrong. I am not among those who are blinded by Harry putting his arm around their shoulder. Nor one of those journalists who attempted to get the FA to hire him as England manager.

Had that happened just imagine  how dull transfer deadline day would be.

Harry can be very persuasive. I know that. I have seen him at work. He has worked his patter on Tony Fernandes and the owner has opened his wallet.

We will only know in May if Harry spent his money wisely.

If not, Redknapp will be off. And QPR will be in a level of financial trouble from which it could take years to recover.

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