Cue Card wins for members

Cue Card wins for members
Cue Card wins Haldon Gold Cup Chase at Exeter

Cue Card wins for punters

Cue Card is a class act. Tipped up to members of my selections service when generously priced at 11-10 last night, I was delighted to see it win so well on Tuesday.

The winning margin was a massive 26 lengths as the Tizzard family trained and ridden gelding won the Grade 2 Sportingbet Haldon Gold Cup Chase at Exeter.

The mistake some punters make is in thinking a price such as 11-10 or Evens can never represent value. Let me tell you, they can. And the win by Cue Card was a case in point.

Many punters overreach and would rather be on a 25-1 loser than an 11-10 winner.

Why? What’s the point of that? Some of my favourite winning bets over the past years have come at odds of 33-1. I love it when they win. But they come along less often than wins such as that on Cue Card.

Cue Card delivered profit no matter what your stake. And profit is my continuing mission for members. Trying to find when the odds are, on the balance of probabilities, in the favour of the punter, and not the bookie. Cue Card was such a bet.

When the bookie offers us gifts such as 11-10 or Evens on highly likely winners such as Cue Card, we must snatch their hands off. I hope many members did just that today.



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