Coming soon: Geoff Banks on betting

Coming soon: Geoff Banks on betting

DSCN0382In an age when most punters bet with online bookies, it was refreshing for me to interview an on course bookie (writes Vernon Grant).

Geoff Banks is outspoken. He has rattled the cage of many a big bookmaker, racehorse trainer and even those who run the Racing Post newspaper.

Geoff had plenty to say about all three when we sat down for an hour and discussed the issues at the heart of racing today.

Why are there so many small field races? Why is prize money so low? Why does Nicky Henderson send out his horses so rarely? Who calls the tune at the Racing Post? Is it editor Bruce Millington, or does he dance to the tune of others? What is the future for on course bookies? And Geoff Banks the bookie tells punters not to bet on anything racing at Wolverhampton. Why not?

He will address all those issues and more in my series of on camera interviews with him. Coming soon to VG Tips.


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