Make Betting Pay – for only £10 a month

Make Betting Pay – for only £10 a month
come join the home of profitable punting

Come join VG TIPS

Massive value for money…

total honesty…

never come across anything like you for tipping…

Just a few of the things VG Tips members say of the service provided by the Profitable Punter.

Come join the home of profitable punting. What are you waiting for? £10 a month for unlimited horse racing and football tips is what members enjoy.

And the members are of all ages and come from all backgrounds. Some have been with me for years, others for days. And I enjoy hearing from them. I want to have constant contact with my members.

This is not some impersonal service whereby a couple of tips are texted to you. And I will never operate some automated telephone line that you call for some extortionate sum of money per minute to hear me or some robot like voice keep you on the line for several minutes only to hear the names of three horses.

My service is more interactive and I respond to members e-mails and tweets. And I am open to taking on ideas suggested by them. We are all in this together. I call them members rather than subscribers because I believe this is a club for like minded punters who want to bash the bookie.

Charles B. got in touch recently to say the following:-  “Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for my subscription, which I started last week. Having followed you for a while via twitter and your blog, I was impressed, not only with your results, but attitude toward punting. I like the fact you leave stakes to our discretion and don’t have silly ‘points’ staking and since joining I love the in depth analysis of your picks. I am also of the mind, once in profit for the day,I’m done. Anyway, here’s to your 17th profitable punting year!”

Some members stay forever. For others life, or in the case of Billy, work can get in the way. He is off serving in Afghanistan right now. But, please God, he’ll be back among us safe and sound. Billy has enjoyed following my tips for years.

I was delighted to see member Gerry return recently and send me a message to announce his arrival: “Really great to be back with your service Vernon. Massive value for money. Looking forward to many profitable months ahead, cheers Gerry.”

And Mark the Fulham fan has been in touch to say how much he likes the daily e-mails: “Just wanted to say thanks for your service, I am really glad that I subscribed. Your tips are well thought out and reasoned and your informative emails give plenty for us punters to consider. I like the e-mails for there total honesty.”

Anthony tweeted me via to tell me that he was not the only member of his family who enjoys my service: “My old man has been punting for years and says he has never come across anything like you for tipping.”

And Mark got in touch to tell me the following: One of the best parts of your service (apart from the winners) is the ability to advise on when it’s a good day or not to have a punt. As some one who has a punt most days one of the hardest things to do is to tip / back winners most days, something judging by the past few months you have perfected and I know of only a small handful of great judges of the sport who are as good.”

I try to respond to all messages from members and I take on board suggestions they have for how the service can represent even greater value for money.

Richard Hughes checks facts in his own autobiography

Hughesie’s Half Hour – exclusive to members

Of course most members join for the daily tips and my advice on how best to become a fellow profitable punter.

But don’t forget members get much more for that tenner a month. Exclusive on camera interviews with the likes of champion flat jockey Richard Hughes. Video diaries from me offering advice on punting, previewing big upcoming events, reviewing recent results and answering questions from members.

And, in 2013, a quarterly online sports betting magazine with lots of interesting features.

Little in punting can be considered a certainty. But one thing is for sure.

VG TIPS is value for money. Click here to join the club. You don’t need a written invitation. £10 a month will get you past the bouncers!


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